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Global Write-A-Thon for Leonard Peltier

Save the Date: December 1st-10th, 2007
December 10th is International Human Rights Day.

The date was chosen to honor the United Nations General Assembly's adoption
and proclamation, on 10 December 1948, of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, the first global enunciation of human rights.
(See:  <http://users.skynet.be/kola/udhr.htm>
http://users.skynet.be/kola/udhr.htm )

The commemoration was established in 1950, when the General Assembly invited
all states and interested organizations to celebrate the day as they saw
fit. The day is a high point in the calendar of U.N. headquarters in New
York City, and is normally marked by both high-level political conferences
and meetings and by cultural events and exhibitions dealing with human
rights issues. In addition, it is traditionally on  December 10  that the
five-yearly United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights is awarded.

Many governmental and nongovernmental organizations active in the human
rights field also schedule special events to commemorate the day. We
celebrate Human Rights day because there are many people who do not have the
rights granted to them. This day was declared so that all of us can become
aware of our rights and create an  awareness among others, of people who are
deprived of their rights.

To mark this day, join people all around the world and participate in our
second Global Write-A-Thon for Leonard Peltier.

This year, we will concentrate on the release of the documents that the FBI
are still withholding. Our Write-A-Thon is directed at Senator Patrick
Leahy, the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

What's a "Write-A-Thon"?Simply put: a "writing marathon". Or write a ton of
letters... :-)

Each year, Amnesty International organizes a Write-A-Thon for December 10th.
This is where we found our inspiration. Their slogan is "Write = Might".
This is oh so very true! (Thank you Amnesty International) Your letters are
the watchdogs, putting perpetrators of abuse on notice. Your letters are the
light that shines through the despair prisoners of conscience & political
prisoners face on a daily basis. Your letters are tools of freedom, paving
the way for the abused and battered to finally find justice & freedom.

Participation is easy! You can either pledge to write a letter by yourself,
or, you can plan a letter writing event, at your home, school, church or
even at your local cafe. You can hold your event, and send your letter(s)
anytime from December 1-10, 2007. To make it even easier, we are providing
you with a sample letter that you can print out. You can download the letter

the IPF website:  <http://users.skynet.be/kola/writeathon2007.pdf>

the LPDC website:

Senator Leahy's address is on the letter.

You can also fax your letter to Sen. Leahy at 202-224-3479 (for supporters
outside the USA: 00-1-202-224-3479)

Please inform us how many letters you and your friends/family have sent.
(note: have sent, not will send).

Send a message to the IPF at  <mailto:ipforum at skynet.be> ipforum at skynet.be
or to the LPDC at  <mailto:info at leonardpeltier.net> info at leonardpeltier.net
put "Peltier WriteAThon" as subject title tell us how many letters were sent
as well as your city + state (for the USA) or city + province (for Canada)
or city + country (outside USA & Canada)

Thank you for your support !
Let's write a ton of letters for Leonard.

Els Herten, International Peltier Forum

Toni Zeidan- Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

LPDC WEBSITE:  <http://www.leonardpeltier.net/>

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San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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