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The Attica Rebellion #36-06

September 9-13th marks the 35th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion, a
massive prison rebellion, massacre and cover-up in New York. The story of
Attica is one of the most brutal and heroic chapters in United States
history. After a five-day occupation, 45 people were killed, 150 were shot
and hundreds were tortured. As one slogan from 1971 read, "Attica is all of

Currently, with more than 2 million people imprisoned in the U.S., the story
of Attica needs to be told, and the origins of the current anti-prison
movement discussed. On this edition, we present a documentary produced by
the Freedom Archives.


Frank 'Big Black' Smith, Attica Brother and prison activist; L.D. Barkley,
Attica Brother killed during the re-taking of the prison; Elizabeth Fink,
attorney for the Attica Brothers; Michael Deutsch, attorney for the Attica
Brothers; Historical recordings in Attica prison of guards and prisoners
during the rebellion and the bloody retaking of the prison.

For more information:

The producers of the documentary:
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Remembering Big Black
by Bo Brown on The Real Costs of Prisons Weblog
On July 31, 2004, Frank 'Big Black' Smith died.

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