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[ The note below is a message written by Rod in CCA Florence. He has 
been able to call out now and his partner Chrysta is visiting him at 
least once a week. But it is expensive for him to call and expensive 
for Chrysta to drive the 67 miles each way a couple of times a week. 
So if you have any extra cash, please think about making a donation 
via the website ( http://supportrod.org ) or by sending a check made 
out to Rod Coronado to PO Box 732, Tucson, AZ 85702. A big thanks to 
all those who have already done so - it has made a big difference!]

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Some of you know me only by my lectures, writings, actions and 
statements, some as a father or personal friend. To say the least, 
these last couple of years have been truly life-changing. I've been 
arrested twice by the FBI, chased by a helicopter, indicted for 
serious charges, charged w/less serious crimes and it seems almost 
constantly accused of being a terrorist though my actions my entire 
life have never caused a single physical injury let alone death. 
That's not to say I haven't done things I regret. I have. But this 
open letter is meant instead to be a statement of facts in regard to 
what I now believe. It is part response to questions raised by past 
supporters who have always heard me unequivocally support illegal 
direction actions taken on behalf of the Earth and animals.

I believe there comes a time in everyone's life when we have to 
honestly ask ourselves why we are here, doing whatever it is we do on 
this beautiful planet. These last two plus years have surely been 
such a time for me. All my life I have endeavored to protect the 
earth and her non-human children we call animals. I still do and 
always will believe in respecting life be it human or non-human and 
this planet we all call home. A large part of my personal and 
spiritual evolution has been in the last nearly five years since I 
became a parent of a beautiful human child. As a warrior I used to 
think that having children was an impediment to any struggle for 
peace and justice. Never could I have been more wrong. I believe our 
creator chose me to be a parent of my son because I was a warrior. A 
man who believed that peace for the Earth and animals could only come 
through aggressive and sometimes destructive actions.

Raising a child requires a parent to practice the very principles you 
seek to teach your children. Indeed such is the case with all living 
beings. I always believed I was fighting to create a better world for 
all future generations, yet to preserve what I wanted to protect, I 
chose to engage sometimes in the destruction of property used to 
destroy life. I still see the rationale for what I've done, only no 
longer do I personally choose to represent the cause of peace and 
compassion in that way.

As a parent, I have been forced to realize that violence is 
everywhere in our society and as a parent I believe in not raising 
children to accept violence as a necessary evil. I believe in 
teaching and living peace with the hope that only through example do 
our children have a chance of escaping a violent future. In my years 
past I have argued that economic sabotage was an appropriate tactic 
for our time. Like all strategists I have also been forced to 
recognize that times have changed and it is now my belief that the 
movements to protect earth and animals have achieved enough with this 
strategy to now consider an approach that does not compromise 
objectives, but increases the likelihood of real social change. Let 
our opposition who believe in violence carry the burden for its 
justification, but let those who believe in peace and love practice a 
way of life that our society sorely needs now more than ever.

A society built around violence cannot stand the test of time. But a 
life built around the tenets of mutual respect, compassion, peace and 
harmony con be our only way out of this nightmare. What is won 
through violence must be protected with violence and I don't want to 
teach my children that. As long as governments and corporations 
sanction physical violence any who attempt to stop them with violence 
will be labeled terrorists.

There is little we can do to change that in light of the media's role 
and influence over the public's perception. That is only I believe in 
their ability to label the cause of peace and justice as such. Many 
people have bravely given their lives and freedom to forward the 
cause of animals and nature, now let us continue that march in ways 
that do not allow the opposition to excuse us as terrorists. I 
believe in promoting the rights of animals and a safe environment 
through the demonstration of a way of life based on creating 
sustainability rather than fighting within a system that respects 
only force and violence. We are fortunate to live in a society that 
allows nonviolent options. Systems of war and violence shall crumble 
and we should free ourselves from the rubble while there's still time.

There is no shortage of good works in order to build the society I 
believe in, only a shortage of those willing to make a life-ling 
commitment towards creating peace. We know where the dominant society 
has left us. With less rights and privilege than corporate charters 
and profit margins. It is now time, I believe, to fend for ourselves 
and create the democracy denied to us. Time for us to become active 
in educating our children, in growing and providing healthy food to 
all, medicine and care giving to those who need it, not just those 
who can afford it. This is how I believe we create a better world, 
not through any acts of violence but with great demonstrations of 
love for each other and all life around us.

I condemn no one forced into a life of self defense through violence, 
I only pray for another way forward to a lasting peace. There is 
still time. Time for a government by the people for the people... and 
earth. But not without the patience and perseverance to build 
peaceful alternatives rather than short-term strategies that offer 
too little in the way of long-term change. My position is just the 
voice of one man on a journey solely his own. I speak for no greater 
movement thought I hope the desires of many. Struggle for me has 
become a very personal battle. Not only against a legal system intent 
on imprisoning me but equally important is my personal struggle to be 
a better human being. To my children, my partner, my community and 
myself. Because if I can't accomplish peace in my own life, how is it 
that I can hope to accomplish it on any larger standard?

What our world needs now is a whole lot more love and a lot less 
violence. Nothing in this world will change overnight. But if we live 
peace and teach our children well, they might still inherit a world 
better than ours. Maybe I'm just getting old, or finally thinking 
about the legacy I will leave behind, but I still have much to live 
and give and I want to find the commonality between people who want 
only a safe and happy life for their children. Don't ask me how to 
burn down a building. As me how to grow watermelons or how to explain 
nature to a child. that is what I want to grow old doing. Please 
afford me this. I have fought my battles and continue to fight for 
mine and my family's freedom. I only want to not be remembered as a 
man of destruction but a human believer in peace and love for all. 
May the creator bless and protect us all with the sacred gift of life 
that is ours to do with as we shall.

Rod Coronado #03895000
CCA Central Arizona Detention Center
PO Box 6300
Florence, AZ 85232

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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