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Human rights takes on prisoner injustice; after 4 years, 6 more 
months without charge or trial

(Bethlehem) Najib Farag
Thursday, 30 November 2006

Nearly finished with a four year term in Israeli prison, 30 year old 
Firas Ahmed Hassan was hit with Administrative Detention. That means 
no charge or trial, just six renewable months at a time.

Just moments before going home, Israeli authorities canceled the 
release day and the Bethlehem man remains among the 10,500 political 
prisoners in Israeli jails.

He was arrested for affiliation with Islamic Jihad just a month 
within the period that his brother Tha'er was taken. Israeli forces 
had surrounded their central Bethlehem home for hours, killing a 
Palestinian affiliated with Saraya Al Quds, the armed resistance wing 
of Islamic Jihad.

Human rights organizations specializing in prisoner issues have 
condemned the illegal Israeli action against Firas and are working 
for his release.

Israeli forces arrest 20 Palestinians in Bethlehem

(Bethlehem) Najib Farag
Thursday, 30 November 2006

Israeli forces arrested 20 young people from Bethlehem during a six 
hour raid Thursday. Beginning in the early morning hours Israeli 
forces invaded Bethlehem City and several neighboring villages.

The Israelis stormed dozens of homes in the city, camps, and towns 
while blindfolding 20 Palestinians between the ages of 17 to 38 years 
old before taking them to unknown locations. "Their hands were bound, 
and eyes blindfolded," described Mohammad Abu Eisha, the father of 
one of the arrestees. He is a school teacher in nearby Beit Jala.

Some 50 soldiers invaded a Bethlehem refugee camp at dawn and raided 
at least 20 houses. All residents were forced into the street, 
including the children who had been sleeping. That portion of the 
operation lasted two hours with soldiers described as being 
"particularly violent as we stood and waited," one woman said. "They 
refused to bring water and ordered the man requesting it to be be 
silent in a threatening tone."

Israeli soldiers demanded that a young man named Mohammad sit facing 
a wall with his hands in the air. When he refused the soldiers beat 
him. After being threatened at gunpoint he felt forced to, he said. 
Mohammad said that he saw other soldiers beating the young men who 
were lined up beside him.

The Committee for Factional Coordination in Bethlehem issued a 
statement Thursday condemning the raids and arrests that continue on 
a daily basis. Arrests in the Bethlehem District number over 100 this 
month alone.

The Committee asked that the West Bank be included in the 
'cease-fire,' as the "idea has no meaning without it as Israeli 
forces continue raids and killings, arrests and humiliation."

Diabetic journalist imprisoned without trial on hunger strike

(Bethlehem) Palestine News Network
Thursday, 30 November 2006

Palestinian political prisoner, 40 year old journalist Jamal Farag, 
has declared an open hunger strike in the Israeli Al Naqab (Negev) 
Prison. He is a diabetic, causing great concern for his life during 
this strike.

Farag is protesting the Israeli administration's decision to isolate 
him in solitary confinement for two months. The journalist is 
prohibited from mixing with the rest of his colleagues, or to listen 
to the radio, watch television, or read newspapers or magazines.

The journalist is entirely disconnected from the outside world, 
causing him to begin this life-threatening nonviolent protest. His 
colleagues are appealing to human rights organizations to intervene 
on his behalf in order to save his life, which is thought to be in 
serious condition.

The Israeli prison administration claimed that it did not know of 
Farag's condition and that the journalist "incited prisoners against 
the prison administration and caused chaos."

The Palestinian Prisoner Society denounced the Israeli actions taken 
against Farag calling for his immediate release as he was not 
convicted on any charge. He is being held under Administrative 
Detention, meaning without charge or trial. He was sentenced to two 
years and three months in prison without ever being tried after 
Israeli forces arrested him at a checkpoint in the eastern West 
Bank's Jericho.

Farag is a resident of Bethlehem's Deheisha Refugee Camp and a member 
of the Palestinian Journalists Union.

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