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peace everyone,
this brotha is on the human rights coalition adivsory council, the 
prisoner family group i work wtih, as well. now the faxes and calls 
dealt with the situation with maroon before, but this brotha is going 
through it as well. please take a few minutes to support.


Andre Shabaka Gay, a long time revolutionary/ prisoner activist and comrade
of Russell Maroon Shoatz is in need of assistance in his fight against
continuing repression on I-Block in the Restricted Housing Unit at

Shabaka, like other conscious prisoners on I-Block have been under severe
repression/harassment from guards on the 2-10 shift. Comrade Maroon before he
was moved to another bock this past year also was harassed by these same guards
  on I-Block. Shabaka has filed  2-3 grievances the past several  weeks over
the lack of access to the law library and to shower on a regular  basis. In the
past guards have repeatedly engaged in homophobic harassment over  his last
name. Last week, C/O Kerr wrote him up for refusing to stand up for  count.
Sahbaka says that for the past 6 years he's been on I-Block, he's never
missed a
count. The guard also says that Shabaka cussed him out after refusing  to
stand for count. The guard also is alleging that another C/O witnessed this
incident but Shabaka and other men in the neaby cells of  the alledged incident
report no other guards were present. As of  today, he has not had the official
misconduct hearing ,in the meantime he's  trying to obtain affidavits from
prisoners who witnessed this to back up the  fraudulent claims of C/O 
Kerr. It is
clear to Shabaka that this whole  charade is in retaliation to his filing of
grievances against guards for denying  him his basic rights to access the law
library and to shower.

Shabaka is requesting that people call the following prison officials and
ask that they look into this on going campaign of harassment by Lt. Franks, Sgt
Matthews, C/O Lynch, C/O Kerr, C/O Smith, C/O Nelson and C/O Olinger ( all
guards on the 2-10 shift) against Shabaka and other prisoners on I-block in
the RHU.

Please call:
PA DOC Secretary Jeffrey Beard   717-975-4918
Deputy Secretary for Western Region William Stickman 717-975-4865
Director of Office of Professional Responsibility  717-731-7777

you can write all three of the above officials at:
2520 Lisburn Rd.
P.O Box 598
Camp Hill, PA 17001-0598

also call or write:

Superintendent Louis Folino  724-852-2902
169 Progress Dr
Waynesburg, PA 15370

also call or write:
State Representative Harold James, who chairs the Sub Committee  on Crime and
Corrections 215-462-3308    1423 Point Breeze Ave.  Philadelphia, PA 19146

Shabaka would also like for people to write as many of the PA Legislative
Black Caucus members as possible, info for them can be found at
_http://www.pablackcaucus.com_ (http://www.pablackcaucus.com)

when calling or writing please reference Andre Gay AF-4377

write to Shabaka:
Andre Gay
175 Progress Dr.
Waynesburg, Pa 15370

thank you!
Solidarity and Struggle!
Philly ABCF

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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