[Ppnews] Friday, Nov 17 - Federal Grand Jury Threatens to Jail Local Activist

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For Immediate Release: November 16, 2006
Contact: Kelah Bott, 415-577-6150

Federal Grand Jury Threatens Local Animal Activist with Jail;
Free Speech and Animal Liberation Advocates to Rally in Opposition

SAN FRANCISCO-- On Friday, Nov. 17, activists will rally at 10 a.m. in
front of the Federal Building (450 Golden Gate Ave) in support of  local
animal advocate Nadia Winstead. Winstead may be ordered to jail at a
hearing that morning by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston for
refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the animal
liberation movement.

Winstead and fellow activists were subpoenaed in June to appear before
the grand jury. They asserted their constitutional rights against self
incrimination and refused to cooperate with what they call
government-sponsored harassment. These activists have been targeted
before; they were also subpoenaed last year by a previous grand jury
investigating the animal liberation movement.

"This grand jury, like the last, is being used as a fishing expedition and
as a way to intimidate activists in the animal liberation movement,"
Winstead said. "I refuse to participate in unconstitutional grand jury
proceedings that have been used time and time again by this government
to harass
movements fighting for social change."

Grand juries are frequently used by the government as tools of political
repression. People can be subpoenaed for virtually any reason, and they
can be interrogated  in minute detail about their private lives and
beliefs. Even minor misstatements caused by faulty memory can lead to
perjury charges. Those subpoenaed to testify before grand juries are
denied legal counsel during testimony.  Witnesses who assert their right
to remain silent can face indefinite imprisonment.

Winstead believes she is being targeted by this grand jury as part of the
larger "Green Scare" that has rounded up animal and eco-liberation
activists across the country in attempts to stifle their dissent against
government-sponsored animal abuse and environmental destruction.

For more information please contact Kelah Bott at 415-577-6150.

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More information about Winstead's case and grand juries in general
can be found at the following websites: http://www.FBIWitchHunt.com

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