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The following was sent to me from Mustafah, a 
comrade incarcerated in A-Building at JCI who is 
organizing the collective resistance there.   His 
contact info is at the bottom.  Please act and 
foreward widely.  Here's the main number for the 
prison: (410) 799-6100.  the warden's name is 
j.smith and the security cheif's name is d. 
whittaker.  i have a list of all prison majors, 
captains, lieutenants, sergeants and guards 
involved in the abuse if you'd like more information.


Currently at Maryland’s Jessup Correctional 
Institution, inside of its security housing unit, 
A-Building, prisoners are being physically and 
psychologically tortured at the hands of prison guards.

The level of brutality and torture is that of Abu 
Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.   The 
practices of sensory deprivation, beatings of 
prisoners held in 3-point restraints and 
shackles, and inhumane conditions of confinement come in many forms.

Beginning in January 2006, over 25 prisoners have 
been brutalized, tortured and terrorized here at 
Jessup Correctional Institution.  The level of 
corruption is at its height, with every rank 
participating and the Warden and Security Chief allowing it to go on.

Prisoners are frequently deprived meals, water, 
toiletries, cleaning supplies, recreation, 
medical treatment, grievances, sufficient oxygen, 
and a non-hazardous environment.  Our living 
quarters are infested with rodents, ants, gnats, 
roaches, and other insects.  The food trays and 
showers are filthy with built up bacteria.  We 
are even deprived of visits for extensive periods 
of time without just cause. There exist clear 
civil, constitutional, and human rights 
violations.  These practices are in violation of 
federal, state, and local laws, DOC policy, and 
facility directives.  The brutality and torture 
taking place are crimes against the men incarcerated in A-Building at JCI.

The medical staff at Jessup Correctional 
Institution corroborates false reports written by 
prison guards.  P.A. Moss and nursing personnel 
refuse to treat prisoners who have been beaten by 
guards.  Physical wounds and injuries sustained 
by prisoners during attacks are not reported and 
are not documented in their medical 
records.  Prison guards are allowed access to 
prisoners' medical records without approval.

Prisoners at JCI in Maryland have begun a 
hunger/silent strike to protest these practices 
against us.  We are the prisoners confined to 
A-Building, the Security Housing Unit at JCI 
where these practices are taking place.  We are 
asking that the Justice Department and an outside 
human rights agency come into JCI to speak with 
every prisoner in A-Building.  We are asking that 
every guard on all three shifts working in 
A-Building be removed and replaced with other 
personnel.  We are asking for an investigation of 
all the incidents which have occurred during 
2006, including guard attacks against 
prisoners.  Pending the results of the 
investigation, we ask that all personnel found to 
be directly and indirectly involved be terminated 
from employment in the Maryland Department of Corrections.

We appeal to you, the public, asking that those 
amongst you of reasonable consciousness , 
especially those who have family members 
imprisoned here or elsewhere throughout the state 
come together to support us in exposing and 
stopping this treatment.  These techniques of 
terror are being practiced on prisoners in other 
penal facilities across the United States, but it 
goes unaddressed by the U.S. government.

There are some organizations, political parties, 
and legal groups that have offered assistance, 
but we need more public support from all sectors, 
especially poor communities and communities of 
color—the communities from which we come.  We 
will provide you with a list of the guards involved.

The C-Wing prisoners inside A-Building at Jessup 
Correctional Institution are currently on a 
hunger/silent strike and desperately need your 
help.  Torture, abuse, and brutality are crimes 
in the U.S. and worldwide.  The government has a 
duty to stop and prevent it and we need your help 
holding them accountable to these duties.

Deputy Chairman, Maryland Branch NABPP-PC
Anthony Mustafah Chisley, #280-358
JCI      AC 303
PO Box 534
Jessup, MD 20794

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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