[Ppnews] PFLP's leader says he is being tried as a representative of all Palestinians

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Thu Nov 9 08:51:00 EST 2006

Imprisoned leftist leader's lawyer says he is being tried as a 
representative of all Palestinians

(Ramallah) Palestine News Network
Thursday, 09 November 2006

 From his Israeli prison cell General Secretary of the leftist 
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Ahmed Sa'adat placed 
responsibility for the Israeli attack on Beit Hanoun on Arab silence 
and international complicity.

 From Ofer Prison Sa'adat was able to speak through his lawyer 
Thursday, stressing that the national response to the attack must be 
increased unity, forming a coalition government based on the National 
Accord Document and continued resistance.

He emphasized that no matter how much of a massacre the Israelis may 
commit, the want and will of the Palestinian people will not be impaired.

An Israeli military court was slated to sentence Sa'adat today after 
postponing the trial during the Gaza attack, but then postponed it 
once again until 14 January. His lawyer Mahmoud Hassan said that 
Sa'adat's is a political trial and that he will be tried as a 
representative of the Palestinian people.

Ahmed Sa'adat's wife, Alba, said that the Israeli administration 
postponed her husband's trial as the case against him is flimsy and 
they are looking for evidence.

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