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In a letter received today, Maroon says that last Friday, November 
3rd, the day after they took all of his reading material, literature, 
medical history etc., which they deemd "revolutionary material", 
except for his TV, radio and religious book, the guards returned 
everything. He says he believes the calls to the DOC and Sci Greene 
made this possible.

Maroon goes on to say that  "the bottom line is their trying to set 
me up as some kind of Homeland Security terrorist threat. That's in 
line with the government saying the next threats to domestic security 
will come from the prisons. Since that's basically crap, they need 
freedom fighters like me to try to use my history of fighting 
oppression of black people as a way to get in the door.I'm absolutely 
a FREEDOM FIGHTER, but aint no terrorist here!!!"

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