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For Immediate Release
November 2, 2006
Contact: Jerry Vlasak, MD
(310) 251-0259

Santa Monica Police Raid Homes of Two Animal Liberation Press Officers

Police Refuse to Delineate Reason for Search Warrant; Similar Raid 
Last Year Resulted in Costly Lawsuit by Activists

Los Angeles- Search warrants were served on the residences Tuesday of 
two North American Animal Liberation Press Officers by the Santa 
Monica Police Department. No arrests were made, and no reason was 
given for the warrants, signed by Los Angeles Appellate Judge Paul 
Turner. Thousands of dollars worth of private items were taken with 
no explanation, confounding animal activists in the Los Angeles area, 
which has seen increasingly effective animal advocacy in the last 
several years.

In a similar action in 2004, the same agency raided the home of 
Goldfinger lead guitarist John Feldman in Bellaire; no arrests were 
ever made, and Feldman was awarded $75,000 by the City of Santa 
Monica last year.

Press Officer Dr. Jerry Vlasak stated: "Apparently the Santa Monica 
Police are fond of rummaging through the belongings of innocent 
people who advocate for animals. My wife's underwear drawer seemed to 
be of special interest to them, although the Press Office premises 
themselves have not been touched as yet. They left my home a mess; we 
are, however, looking forward to our hefty sum from the department, 
just like John and Amy [Feldman] got last year. The animals can 
always use the money." Linda Greene adds: "The Press Office must be 
doing something right, to incur such wrath from those who support 
animal exploitation and abuse."

Despite the loss of several computers, the Press Officers, who claim 
they keep back-up data available at several locations, were unfazed 
and back at work within hours. Sgt. J. Moroso and Lt. Beautz of the 
Santa Monica Police Department did not return repeated calls.

Contact Jerry Vlasak, MD, Press Officer, at (310) 251-0259.

National Lawyers Guild ECO-LAW Hotline for individuals arrested or 
subpoenaed for offenses related to environmental or animal activism. 

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