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Tue Mar 28 08:46:24 EST 2006

Dear Friends:
These are sad yet changing times. In the enclosed letter Ramsey describes
tremendous pain and suffering. He recalls horrible situations during
which he withstood tremendous pain yet because he was never given proper
medical care at Leavenworth. This nightmare lasted 12 years.

As for current events taking place throughout the country, we stand
by our Mexicano brothers and sisters and denounce all discriminatory
practices that exclude the participation of the many who struggle for
for survival and inclusion.

"All my worldly possessions can fit into a small box.
      Yet I have too much.
All my worldly savings can be spent in one second,
      Yet I desire to own nothing.
All my nights are filled with dreams of love,
      Yet I sleep along."

      First of all, please forgive me for the pain, suffering,
and sacrifice that you have encountered on this day. This is
the suffering and pain that I have endured for the last twelve
years and finally I say no more! The injustices and treatment
against me as a human being are beyond words and the world on
the outside will not believe it, because I have taken this for
the last twelve years. Even as I pray to the Creator the
response to my prayers is that I must share my pain, suffering,
and sacrifice with the so-called free world.
      The record from the federal court in Sherman, Texas reveals
that the federal judge recommended and ordered that I be confined
at the Three Rivers Federal Correctional Institution. Instead, the
Bureau Prisons decided to confine me in one of the hardest federal
penitentiaries in the United States of America - Leavenworth.
      My entire record reveals that I was not a dangerous man
to society, that I never possessed a firearm, I never physically
assaulted anyone and/or made a threat to anyone. Further, the
enclosed medical records reveal that I was not in any condition
physically, medically, or mentally to be confined in a most
dangerous prison like Leavenworth. Every time I would visit
the so-called institution hospital at Leavenworth to describe
the physical pain pertaining to my back and knees, I
would be dismissed. For many years I terminated going to the
hospital because there was never any relief given at all.
      Finally I became so ill on August 22, 2005, that the medical
staff in Leavenworth had to take me to St. John's Hospital. The
medical records will reveal that the operation, which was
to be a simple operation, became a near death operation from which
I suffer to this very day. My body has not fully recovered from
this operation, which had my entire stomach opened from
one end to another.
      If the Bureau of Prisons had followed the law and
order of the federal judge from the beginning, I would
not be in the physical condition that I am in. Legally, my
constitutional rights as an individual (regardless of
confinement) are presently violated through the Fifth Amendment,
due process of the law, the Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual
punishment, and equal protection of the law under the Fourteenth
Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.
      What really breaks my heart is remembering being a
law student at Baylor School of Law. I scored the highest
grades (96) in constitutional law, evidence, civil law, and
criminal law. When I took the Texas bar examination I scored
one of the highest grades in constitutional law out of 300
students, and to now be part of these injustices committed
against me is extremely hard to accept.
      I am now prepared and ready to share my present sufferings
and sacrifices with the public in the free world, especially
with the Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, and Mexicano community.
I'm now ready to communicate with different civil rights and
human rights organizations and the Hispanic/Latino media so
that they know what has happened to me in the last 12 years
and what is happening to me this very night. I refuse to accept
these injustices against me. God, the Creator, gave me the right
to live once more after my near death experience so that I may
share with the world what is happening to me this very night.
Please be so kind as to share this letter with the world from
a Mexicano who is destined to be free and should suffer no
more. Enough is enough. How much longer must I carry this
cross of injustices committed against me!

           In exile,
           Ramsey (Tezcatlipoca)
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