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The "Green Scare' Continues...

   March 10, 2006


   EUGENE, OR ­ Former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front (ELF),
Craig Rosebraugh, has been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand
jury in Eugene, Oregon investigating ELF activity throughout the
Pacific Northwest. Rosebraugh has been commanded to appear at 9:00am on
March 16 at the Federal Building in Eugene, 211 E. 7th Avenue. A
protest against the grand jury system and in support of Rosebraugh is
planned for the same day beginning at 8:30am outside the building.

   Delivered to him on February 14 in Portland, this is Rosebraugh’s
eighth grand jury subpoena during the last nine years. He has
consistently refused to cooperate with authorities in their
investigation into ELF activity. In February 2002, Rosebraugh ­
appearing under subpoena in Washington, DC­ stonewalled a US
Congressional hearing investigating the ELF, answering only two of
fifty-six questions.

   In January 2006, this same federal grand jury indicted eleven people
for alleged ELF sabotage activities. In what has been referred to as
the “Green Scare” investigation, the Federal Government has been
seeking terrorism charges against those who have been accused of
committing property crimes in defense of the environment. While no one
was ever harmed in an ELF action, these defendants are facing upwards
of life plus 300 years in prison.

   Rosebraugh acted as a spokesperson for the ELF from 1997 through 2001,
forwarding communiqués from the underground group to news media

   Witnesses subpoenaed before a grand jury must appear without legal
counsel inside the proceeding and may not rely upon their Fifth
Amendment right to remain silent. Those who refuse to answer questions
may be imprisoned for contempt for up to eighteen months or the
remaining length of the grand jury.

   During one of Rosebraugh’s last grand jury appearances in April 2000,
Congressman George Radanovich (R-California) was among eight members of
Congress who petitioned US Attorney General Janet Reno for added
security at all federal buildings in the country in response to planned
protests in support of Rosebraugh. The upcoming protest on March 16 is
expected to attract participants from throughout the West Coast.

   Contact: Craig Rosebraugh Defense Committee

gsresistance at riseup.net

   Background:  http://www.craigrosebraugh.com

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