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Contact:  The Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
   Pat Levasseur

Attorney Lynne Stewart faces another battle : Cancer

Attorney Lynne Stewart now facers another battle for her life: the 
battle against breast cancer.  Ms. Stewart's sentencing is pending 
following her conviction last year on charges of aiding terrorism in 
a case where the government stretched her conversations with a 
reporter regarding her client into serious, felony charges.  Ms. 
Stewart, 67 years old, faces 30 years in prison and has already lost 
her ability to practice law - her beloved profession.  She was 
diagnosed with breast cancer in November, 2005.  On January 9, 2006, 
doctors removed a 2.4 centimeter tumor from her left breast that was 
discovered to be an invasive ductal carcinoma. Over the past two 
months, Ms. Stewart has consulted with a number of medical 
specialists about her cancer, the treatment options, and the risks of 

At the end of March, Ms. Stewart will begin radiation  therapy and 
other treatment.  Accordingly, Lynne Stewart's  attorneys 
are  requesting that the Court give Ms. Stewart until July 31, 2006, 
to file her sentencing memoranda.

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