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Farm Groups Join in Fight Against Animal Terrorism
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 02/24/2006

Two Wisconsin farm organizations are giving their support to a new 
federal bill that would strengthen the ability of the U.S. Justice 
Department to prosecute animal rights terrorists who do damage to 
property or threaten individuals associated with an animal 
enterprise. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and Wisconsin Veal 
Growers Association have expressed their support of the measure, 
which is being authored by Wisconsin Congressman Tom Petri.

The legislation would simply amend the Animal Enterprise Terrorism 
Act, which was first passed in 1992.

"The FBI considers animal rights terrorism the top domestic terrorist 
threat, because it reflects how the animal rights extremists have 
escalated their attacks on farmers, including harassment," said Farm 
Bureau Spokesperson Tom Thieding. "This legislation would give law 
enforcement expanded legal options to catch and prosecute those who 
threaten the lives of farmers and ranchers and the animals they 
raise, and not wait for actual damage to take place."

WVGA President Dale Behnke went on to say that farmers recognize that 
the threats of these extremists don't end with any one association, 
but are a threat to all allied industries and associations.

Current law has penalties against actual damage to animals or 
facilities, but the farm groups said tactics used by animal 
terrorists now include intimidation, threats, or disruption of markets.

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