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To: Leonard Peltier Supporters

From: Leonard Peltier Legal Team and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee


Recently, the Toronto Sun published erroneous information, claiming that the
Arlo Looking Cloud transcript revealed that Leonard had an active role in
the death of Anna Mae Aquash. In response to that article and to set the
record straight, the Leonard Peltier Legal Team had the Toronto Sun publish
the letter to the editor set forth below. As we know, the Arlo Looking Cloud
trial was used by unnamed sources to conduct a smear campaign against
Leonard to ensure that Leonard never achieves freedom. This malicious and
intentional campaign of misinformation against Leonard has once again begun
in connection with the pending extradition of John Graham and will intensify
as the Graham matter progresses. It is essential that we all fervently
battle the misinformation and media manipulation that jeopardizes Leonard's

Unlike the Arlo Looking Cloud trial when the LPDC made a choice not to
attack the rumors, assuming the public would see through and recognize the
misinformation, we now know that we cannot sit idle and allow the media to
print lies about Leonard. So, we ask all of Leonard's supporters to assist
us in squelching the misinformation, and challenge the public in general to
scrutinize statements made about Leonard to determine whether in fact they
are true before accepting at face value the words of the media and those
people who wish to continue the unjust plight of Leonard.
Letter to the Editor posted on Wednesday June 28, 2006 in The Toronto Sun:
The Toronto Sun
Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Tag: 0606280395
Edition: Final
Section: Editorial/Opinion
Length: 29 lines
Page: 20
Column: Letter of the Day
In his June 26 article, "Justice for Anna Mae, Peter Worthington wrote that
in the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud "it was claimed that Leonard Peltier, now
30 years in Leavenworth prison for the murder of two FBI agents on the Pine
Ridge Reserve in 1975, gave orders that Anna Mae (Brown) be 'executed' as a
suspect informer for the FBI."

That statement is absolutely wrong. There was no testimony in Arlo Looking
Cloud's trial, nor any evidence elsewhere, that Mr. Peltier "gave orders"
that Anna Mae be executed.
This statement appears to be a part of a continuing disinformation campaign
against Mr. Peltier by sources that want to harm him and ensure he never
gains freedom.
I represent Mr. Peltier and I challenge people to review the testimony of
the Arlo Looking Cloud trial for themselves to determine that there is no
support for the statement that Mr. Peltier "gave orders" that Anna Mae be


In Solidarity,

Leonard Peltier Legal Team and Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

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