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Fri Jun 9 12:11:52 EDT 2006

Any checks made payable to me for Dhoruba's expenses are NOT tax deductible.

Robert J. Boyle

(see below)

From: Panthershepcat at aol.com

To:     All
From: Bro. Sadiki "Shep" Ojore Olugbala
Date: Thursday, June 8, 2006

Please be advised that Comrades Bashir Hameed, Jalil Muntaquin, and 
Dhoruba Bin Wahad all presently serve as Interim Advisory Board 
members for the Safiya Bukhari-Albert Nuh Washington Foundation: "To 
Support The Health, Legal Campaigns & Families Of U.S. Held Domestic 
Political Prisoners/POWs, Exiles And Fallen Comrades"

Please read, respond and then pass on the following information and 
requests for these three loyal Freedom Fighters.

BASHIR HAMEED :  Has now been unjustly held captive as a Political 
Prisoner for over 26 years

This past Saturday, June 3, 2006, Comrade Smitty and I had a (6) hour 
visit at Comstock Prison with Bro. Bashir.

On the positive side Bashir looked very well after his recent release 
from an unjust solitary confinement in "the hole."  He was in 
particularly good spirits to be able, after nearly 30 years, to "kick 
it" with Bro. Smitty about the good old days of Jazz Clubs and 
Panther comrades in New Jersey.  Bashir also asked that we convey his 
appreciation to those friends, supporters and comrades whose letters, 
faxes and phone calls were beneficial in getting him out of punitive 
isolation last week.

On the negative side Bashir reported that while he was in isolation 
his cell was totally trashed "like never before" and that some of his 
personal property is now missing as well.
His major concern however, is the need to be moved into a cell that 
is away from his current "Times Square like" location in the 
prison.  The constant traffic, noise, chaos and 24hr stress of his 
present general population/orientation cell is a serious health 
threat to his currently poor heart condition.

Bashir is respectfully requesting that folks resume their 
"communications" with prison officials and demand that he be moved to 
a quieter and less life threatening prison cell 
environment.  Additionally, Bashir is requesting that designated 
individuals respond to his personal requests given to me and Smitty 
for delivery that pertain to internal legal prison matters.

DHORUBA BIN WAHAD:  Was  released after being unjustly held captive 
as a Political Prisoner for over 19 years

Priority financial assistance is urgently needed to help fly Bro. 
Dhoruba this coming weekend from Ghana to the United States.
Dhoruba is currently working to put the issue of U.S. Political 
Prisoners on the Pan-Afrikan Agenda at July's historic 
Reparations/Repatriation Conference to be held in Ghana, West Afrika. 
It is imperative that he meet this month with folks on this side of 
the Atlantic in order to both raise funds and put together a PP/POW 
delegation to join him next month.

Additionally, there are two major Political Prisoner 
Conferences/Programs taking place in New York City (6/12 & 6/17) in 
which Dhoruba needs to be a participant and finally; we need him 
physically present to legally challenge and overturn the continuing 
"vindictive" ban on his visiting New York State Political Prisoners.

This effort has so far raised about a third of the $1,400.00 airfare 
needed to get him here and we need additional funds ASAP. 
Your  donation is still needed even after this weekend in order to 
reimburse any loans that we might have to secure in order to get him 
here on time.

Please make your checks payable to Dhoruba's attorney: Robert Boyle, Esq.

Any checks made payable to me for Dhoruba's expenses are NOT tax deductible.

Robert J. Boyle

Checks should then be mailed to: The Safiya-Nuh Foundation
                                                    P.O. Box# 690458
                                                    Hillside Station
                                                    Bronx, New York 10469

JALIL MUNTAQUIN:   Has now been unjustly held captive as a Political 
Prisoner for over 36 years

Bro. Jalil contacted The Jericho Movement this week to request that 
we all send letters to the parole board regarding both his character 
and the need for his return to the community. His attorney only has a 
short amount of time remaining to put together the complete package 
for the parole board so "please write and send your letter of support 
as soon as possible"

For mailing information and/or sample letters go to Jalil's web site: 

Free All Political Prisoners & POW's!

Off Assata & All Political Exiles!

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