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Hello All,

I am writing to update everyone on Lynne's condition and the work of 
the legal team and defense committee.  I also write to advise all 
that the committee has very little money left in it's account and any 
contribution would be most appreciated and very much needed.  Please 
make checks payable "The Lynne Stewart Defense Committee" or if you 
wish to deduct from taxes payable to "The National Lawyers Guild 
Foundation" just make sure to put LSDC on the memo line and mail to 
LSDC, 350 Broadway, Suite 700, New York, NY 10013 (212- 625-9696.

Lynne just completed 33 radiation treatments.  These have left her 
incredibly fatigued but she seems to be coming back gradually to her 
usual vigor.

Lynne Stewart was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2005 and 
at the time of this writing has just completed 33 sessions of 
radiation. This was the primary reason her sentencing has been 
delayed. We fully expect her sentence to go forward on September 25. 
We have been working on coordinating the letters written on her 
behalf and contacting attorneys and groups who have worked with women 
in prison or mitigating sentences for health reasons in preparation 
for papers with must be filed by the end of June. The Lynne Stewart 
Defense Committee has been working with Lynne's attorneys in research 
and contacting attorneys and activist working on Women in Prison 
health issues and attending, tabling and organizing events to keep 
the case of Lynne Stewart alive.

Lynne's attorneys are working on a motion regarding NSA wiretaps and 
of course pre-sentencing memorandum to the court.
Since November, 2005 The committee and or Lynne Stewart personally 
have attended and tabled at many events, bringing up the case of Lynne Stewart
December 3, 2005 - Sacco & Venzetti Award for Lynne Stewart - 
Community Church of Boston
December 10, 2005 - Human Rights Day, Salem Methodist Church 129th 
St., New York City
December 14, 2005 - World Can't Wait
December 15, 2005 - Poetics becomes Law, New School, New York, NY - 
(Paul Chan, produced a video with Lynne Stewart - where poetry is 
read by Lynne and a human portrait is beautifully filmed)
December 21, 2005 - Black Waxx interview with Lynne Stewart for Cable 
Access TV in Manhattan
Following Lynne Stewart's diagnoses of breast cancer, and a consensus 
among legal team that Lynne must assume a different profile the LSDC 
continues it's work and outreach with the direction geared to pre 
sentence and compassion.
February 18, 2006
Michael Smith - attorney speaks in Chicago, shows "The Struggle 
Continues" DVD produced by Emily & Sarah Kunstler interviewing Lynne 
Stewart, her family, attorneys and community people, former clients. Enclosed
March 6, 2006 - Leonard Peltier event Community Church of New York
March 9, 2006 - One Nation Under Surveillance - New York City
March 10, 2006 - Lynne Stewart interview with Montreal Filmmakers 
"Lying in State"
March 11, 2006 - Sonia Sanchez event at Brecht Forum
March 12, 2006 - Left Forum - panel including Lynne Stewart, Michael 
Smith, Abdeen Jabara and others.
March 18 - Cooper Union - anti-war, tabling
April 17th - post card mailing - for LSDC film night - May 4th, 2006 
- (enclosed)
June 1 - NY speak out on New Orleans - tabling and speaking out
June 4 - NYC - Lynne Stewart - attending event sponsored by William 
Moses Kunstler Fund.
June 5 - Lynne Stewart - attending New York Criminal Bar Dinner at 
Tavern on Green.
We are working on a night of solidarity fund raising event for June 
28th or 29th (we ran into a snag at the location we thought we had 
for June 29th) - featuring poetry, Amiri Baraka, the Raging Grannies, 
Vinie Burrows, also rap, jazz, singing some speeches in Brooklyn, NY.
In September we plan workshops on Sentencing in US, 
Immigration/racism and organizing to build stronger unity among 
impacted communities.
The day before Lynne's sentencing date we plan a rally (tentatively 
at the Riverside Church in Manhattan) for people who have come to New 
York to attend the sentencing. We hope to have a strong showing of 
people demanding compassion for Lynne Stewart at the sentencing the next day.

Thank you for your continued support of Lynne and this most important cause.

Pat Levasseur, Director, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

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