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Greetings Comrades & Friends;

Last night I got a call from our comrade and political prisoner Bill Dunne
(down since 1979), who asked if Jericho and comrades could help get the
prison administrators off his back. Bill has been down since 79 and is at
Atwater federal prison, Atwater Ca. Bill has been in the hole for over 3
months and hasn't got any review from the administration regarding his

In fact, he has been threatened with a transfer to the control prison at
Marion, IL (he was there in the 90's) or to ADMAX in Florence, Co. He and
other comrades were its first prisoners in 2000.

Bill's problems stem from the fact that he is a prison activist and
advocate for himself and other prisoners, which drives the administrators
to retaliate rather than deal with the prison problems.

So please take a few minutes and do some calling or e-mailing to help him
get some breathing room.

A 2 step plan:
1. Call 209-386-0257 or e-mail (ATW/EXECASSISTANT at BOP.GOV) the Warden, Mr.
D. Smith, his case manager John DeVere or the assistant warden, Belinda
Avalos--she will put you on voice mail rather then answer questions. The
question is "WHY IS BILL DUNNE 10916-086 STILL IN THE HOLE?" If they say
he is awaiting transfer, Ask them again why he was put in the hole in the
first place and when will he get his hearing? If you don't get any
satisfaction, go to step 2

2. The Western Regional office is in Dublin, CA and you can ask the same
question to Director Mr. J.E. Gunja at 925-803-4700 or e-mail at

Please let us know if you get a response from the administration as Bill's
family is trying to get a lawyer to visit to let them know that we are
concerned for one of our own ... in Bill's words: The Future Holds

Paulette NYC Jericho 718-220-6004
kazi Toure National Jericho

I have included a short piece from

I see that road running not only through traditional forms of struggle,
but also in new and innovative directions. Creating an alternative
socio-economic base of collective living and working situations is one.
That will help us drive past the apparatus of repression's increasing
capacity to co-opt and suppress older forms of struggle and develop our
theory and practice in the process. The diverse organs of that base will
grow together into a body politic of interwoven free zones, displacing
ruling class institutions with our own.

Toward attaining that destination, we need to cooperate in creating a new
revolutionary praxis synthesizing the lessons of the past and a clear
analysis of the present. With mutual struggle, we can weld the diverse
elements of our side of the barricade into a powerful weapon against the
depredations of imperial capital. Our overwhelming human commonality can
and must make it an all people's tool of emancipation from the class enemy
that afflicts us all."

(January 12, 1998)

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