[Ppnews] More Sabotage Targets Guelph 'Development'; Terror Charges Suggested

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Wed Jul 5 13:11:05 EDT 2006

More Sabotage Targets Guelph 'Development'; Terror Charges Suggested

E-mail claiming responsibility for sabotage of machinery could have 
come from any number of public computers

GUELPH (Jul 5, 2006)

With thousands of people having access to University of Guelph 
computers, campus officials say it's difficult to pinpoint who might 
be sending e-mails claiming responsibility for alleged acts of 
sabotage and arson.

This week, the Guelph Mercury was sent a message from a group calling 
itself the Anarchist Fire Brigade. The sender claimed "unknown 
individuals" had sabotaged three pieces of machinery at the offices 
of a south-end housing developer more than a week ago by placing dirt 
in the fuel tanks.

But Fusion Homes' Julie Weber said the company wasn't aware of any 
damage to its equipment. She declined to comment further yesterday.

For the third time this year, the e-mail was traced to an Internet 
protocol address operated by the university. Previous e-mails traced 
to university computers claimed responsibility for a January fire at 
a home under construction on Dawn Avenue and for sabotaging machinery 
at the Memorial Gardens demolition site in April.

In the Memorial Gardens incident, sand was poured into the gas tanks 
of two machines belonging to Toronto-based Murray Demolition. A group 
calling itself Anarchist Solidarity claimed responsibility and said 
it was done in protest over an alleged sexual assault by a Guelph 
Police officer.

The most recent e-mail includes the statement: "There is no excuse 
for suburbs. Development must stop." A poem that follows ends with 
"There's nothing quite so lovely/ As a development on fire."

Guelph Police Sergeant Dave Elloway said the force was looking into 
the group's claim.

"What concerns me is that we've got a group here that appears to be 
escalating things," he said yesterday.

Lori Bona Hunt, a spokesperson for the U of G, said it was news to 
the university the most recent e-mail had originated from one of its 
computers. The message was also sent to the campus newspaper and the 
student radio station, but not the university.

She said there's no shortage of people with access to the 
university's computers.

"There are thousands of users on campus. There are public computers 
in the library where anyone can go in and send an e-mail anywhere in 
the world," she said.

Bona Hunt said campus police were co-operating with city police in an 
ongoing investigation into the previous incidents.

Last week, an e-mail claiming to be from the radical environmental 
movement Earth Liberation Front took responsibility for a suspicious 
fire that razed a home under construction on Summit Ridge, in the east end.

The fire caused about $200,000 in damage, according to the fire department.

The Earth Liberation Front, or ELF, has been linked to four fires in 
Guelph in the last year.

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