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From: Break Chains <breakthechains02 at yahoo.com>
Wednesday 1/25/06

Daniel McGowan just released into the custody of his sister

Minutes ago, Judge Ann Aiken released political prisoner Daniel 
McGowan into the custody of his sister, despite the urgent plea from 
the prosecutor for continued detention until trial.
Although the DA expressed fears that Daniel McGowan "presents a 
serious flight risk," and may be "violent," the judge asserted that 
she would follow the law and "protect the interests of all parties." 
To that end, she released McGowan on condition of $1.6 million 
dollars in bail, put up by Mr. McGowan's sister. She imposed the 
condition that McGowan would reside in his sister's custody in New 
York, that he would wear an electronic monitor, and that he would 
report weekly to pretrial supervisors in Manhattan.

Judge Aiken stated that she had received at least 60 letters from 
people in support of Mr. McGowan, and this appeared to have some 
impact upon her decision. Incredibly, the DA had attempted to assert 
that one of the factors showing that McGowan was unworthy of being 
released was the fact that he had supported political prisoner Jeff 
"Free" Leurs. Apparently, the judge was not buying that.

Much more on this later, when I have returned home to the roost. For 
now, I would just like to say that Daniel McGowan has an incredible 
family. The courtroom was filled with supporters, and with family 
members who had come all the way from New York city for the hearing. 
Family members went out of their way to come over and introduce 
themselves to me, and all were in tears when the judge read her 
decision. There is much to say, but I have a long drive home now, and 
the battery is running thin on this computer. More later.

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