[Ppnews] Friends of Tookie on Death Row Facing Charges, need our help

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Dear Friends,

My name is Gloria Ross and my uncle, Anthony Ross is an inmate on San 
Quentin's Death Row.  I have very unfortunate news regarding the 
situation of approximately eight (8) inmates (figure is yet to be 
verified) sitting on San Quentin's death row who were very good 
friends of Stan Tookie Williams.

On December 8, 2005, these men (including my uncle) were taken from 
their cells by guards in riot gear and told that they were going to 
be questioned and investigated under the charges that they were 
conspiring to incite a riot and harm guards following the execution 
of Tookie. San Quentin charges that they have a confidential source 
to prove their claims. They are currently being held in solitary 
confinement in San Quentin's Adjustment Center. They are being denied 
access to their property. As of yet, there has been no formal 
investigation and the inmates have not received questioning or a 
polygraph test.

I just visited my uncle, Anthony Ross, he has lost a lot of weight 
and his health is steadily deteriorating. His friend, Steve Champion, 
is also in the hole.

They have requested that individuals and organizations contact San 
Quentin's warden at (415) 454-1460. These calls should stress that 
there are individuals AND ORGANIZATIONS on the outside very concerned 
about their well-being. As long as they are aware that folks have an 
eye out, they are less likely to abuse their power further.

Thanks so much for your support. Please feel free to call or write me 
if you have any concerns or questions.

Gloria Ross
(718) 207 - 3980

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
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