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January 4, 2006

For Immediate Release
Leonard Peltier's Thirtieth Anniversary!

February 6, 2006 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Leonard Peltier's
illegal extradition to the United States from Canada using coerced and
fraudulent testimony. This was the beginning of his odyssey that resulted in
his false conviction for the June 1975 murder of two FBI agents on the Pine
Ridge Reservation in Federal Court in Fargo, North Dakota in 1977.

During his thirty years imprisonment Leonard, has won acclaim and support
across the globe. Amnesty International, the leading human rights in the
world, considers Leonard a "prisoner of conscious" and calls for his
"immediate release." His prison writings "My Life is My Sun Dance" has been
called by one America's leading historians-Howard Zinn-"An accusation
against monstrous injustice, a beautiful expression of a man's soul,
demanding release." South African human rights activist Archbishop Desmond
Tutu called it "A deeply moving and very disturbing story of a gross
miscarriage of justice."

Recent revelations of the Bush administration's widespread spying of the
American people should remind many of similar activities by the federal
government in the 1960s and 1970s against members of the civil right and
anti-war movements and the American Indian Movement, of which, Leonard
Peltier was an active member.

On February 6, 2006, supporters of Leonard Peltier around the globe will be
hold rallies, public forums and film showings to protest his thirty years in

For more information please contact:
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee: Email info at leonardpeltier.org

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