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FBI Research Reports on the Nation of Islam

Previously Unseen Monographs on the Black Muslims

The Nation of Islam [1960]
(Acrobat/PDF format | 107 pages | 4.8 meg)

The Nation of Islam [1965]
(Acrobat/PDF format | 116 pages | 4.4 meg)
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In "Selected Titles of FBI Research Reports, 1953-60," we listed
several-dozen research reports that the FBI had written for internal use
in the mid-1900s. The Memory Hole requested some of them under the
Freedom of Information Act. Upon review, the FBI has released the two
reports on the Nation of Islam. We've scanned and posted them above.
They're based on often obscure public-source documents, internal NOI
literature, and confidential material, such as informants and FBI
investigative files.

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