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Anti-FBI protest in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- More than 1,000 demonstrators, chanting 
anti-FBI slogans and carrying Puerto Rican flags, marched through the 
capital of this U.S. island territory on Sunday.

Many of the marchers favor independence for the island and accuse the 
FBI of persecuting the movement and of letting Filiberto Ojeda Rios 
bleed to death during a September FBI raid. Ojeda Rios, the fugitive 
leader of a pro-independence militant group, was wanted for the 1983 
robbery of a Wells Fargo armored truck depot.

Demonstrators chanted "Respect Puerto Rico!" and "FBI get out!"

Marchers later accused an onlooker of being a federal agent.

Confronting the man, demonstrators began shouting "murderer, 
murderer." After several minutes the man fled in an automobile and 
protesters banged on the car windows, cracking the glass, witnesses said.

Many of the marchers said the man, who was dressed in black, had been 
taking photographs of the demonstration. Several witnesses said the 
man had been carrying a firearm.

According to police, there were no injuries in Sunday's demonstration.

Demonstrators also chanted against the FBI's tactics.

FBI agents on February 10 searched five homes and a business to 
thwart what the agency said was a "domestic terrorist attack" planned 
by independence militants.

As word spread of the FBI operation, reporters gathered outside an 
apartment building in the San Juan area as agents searched.

A television stations broadcast images of federal agents using pepper 
spray on reporters and protesters -- prompting complaints from 
journalist associations on the island.

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