[Ppnews] Two Olympia residents indicted in Oregon tree farm fire

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Thu Feb 23 20:45:52 EST 2006

Two Olympia residents indicted in Oregon tree farm fire

By Seattle Times staff

Two people have been arrested today in Olympia in 
connection with the May 2001 arson at a 
Clatskanie, Ore., tree farm that has been blamed on radical environmentalists.

A federal grand jury in Eugene, Ore., today 
returned two separate 14-count indictments 
charging Nathan Fraser Block, 24, and Joyanna L. 
Zacher, 28, in the May 21, 2001, arson at the 
Jefferson Poplar Farm. Both were arrested today in Olympia, where they live.

The indictments charge 12 counts of arson and one 
count of attempted arson involving farm buildings 
and trucks. Each count of arson and attempted 
arson carries a minimum sentence of five years in 
prison, up to a maximum of 20 years. The 
defendants are also charged with using and 
carrying a destructive device (one or more 
incendiary bombs) in relation to commit a crime 
of violence, which carries a minimum prison sentence of 30 years.

Four other people already face charges in the 
tree farm fire and they face trial in Eugene on Oct. 31.

The indictment alleges the Jefferson Poplar Farm 
arson was part of a broad conspiracy from 1996 
through 2001 involving numerous other arsons and 
attempted arsons in Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, 
Colorado and California, in which elements of the 
Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal 
Liberation Front (ALF) were allegedly responsible.

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