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A Personal Appeal from Jaan Laaman, Ohio 7 Political Prisoner

Dear 4strugglemag readers, friends, and fellow peace, justice and 
revolutionary activists:

I have some hopeful information to share, and I must make a serious 
appeal for your support.

I have been locked up for over 21 years now. Soon I will complete my 
Massachusetts state sentence. Then I have to begin a 53 years federal 
sentence. Because of these two separate sentences I am the last Ohio 
7 person, with a release date who is still in captivity. My Ohio 7 
comrade Tom Manning is also still in prison, but he has a life 
sentence without a real parole date.

Last year I discovered a possibility of reopening and challenging my 
entire Mass case and sentence. If I can overturn this, I would he 
overdue for release on federal parole. Of course any legal effort is 
an uphill battle, especially for political prisoners.

But this is a realistic possibility and in fact the first appeal I am 
hopeful about and determined to win. In order to be eligible fur 
release on parole, I must win this appeal. To do this I need good and 
committed legal representation. Because of the war and present 
repressive climate in the country, I have to hire and assemble my own 
legal team.

About a month ago I established a legal freedom fund and began 
raising funds for my fight for justice and freedom. While I have been 
successful in raising funds, especially from family and close people, 
I still need close to another 20 thousand dollars in order to fight 
this battle.

This is the first time 1 have tried to raise money for my own legal 
efforts. I must admit, I feel awkward asking for your help like this, 
but it is necessary. The only way I can launch this fight, is with 
your serious help now. This is a one Lime legal effort which will be 
resolved one way or another in the next year or so. Of course my 
intention and hope is to resolve this by overturning my case, proving 
my innocence and finally joining my 24 year old son and family and 
all of you outside once again.

I need your help to do this now.

Checks should be made out to "Jaan Laaman Legal Freedom Fund" and sent to:

Jaan Laaman Legal Freedom Fund
P.O. Box 681
East Boston, MA 02128 USA

I am encouraging groups and organizations to hold fundraisers and 
parties, or other events to support my fight for freedom. You can 
contact the Freedom Fund P.O. Box to inform us about or discuss such efforts.

Thank you for your support and help.


Jaan Laaman
Walpole State Prison, February 2006

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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