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NYTr Digest, Vol 21, Issue 9

sent by the office of Ricardo Alarcon (Cuba) - Feb 8, 2006
[Ricardo Alarcon is the President of the Cuban Parliament]

Nobel prize winner and 110 British MPs demand the immediate
liberation of the Cuban Five

Nobel prize winner, Harold Pinter, 110 MPs, Ken Livingstone, Mayor of
London and 15 trade union General Secretaries are among 10 000 British
names on an open letter sent by the UK Cuba Solidarity Campaign to the US
Attorney General calling for the immediate release of the Cuban Five.

These signatures join other 10 Nobel Prize Winners and more than 5 000
intellectuals, Amnesty International and the US National Council of the
Churches of Christ, who also claimed about the Five.

Rob Miller, Director of the CSC said: "The fact that 110 MPs have already
signed this letter in such a short space of time is a testament to the
strength of injustice felt throughout Britain about this case."

An Early Motion in support of the Cuban Five introduced in the House of
Commons in 2002 was signed by 112 MPs, including Robin Cook, the former UK
Foreign Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons.

Nobel prize winner, Harold Pinter, 110 MPs, and 15 trade union General
Secretaries are among the thousands of British names on an open letter sent
by the UK Cuba Solidarity Campaign to the US Attorney General today calling
for the immediate release of the five Cuban prisoners known in this country
as the Miami 5.

The Open letter has been released by the British Cuba Solidarity
Campaign(CSC) in advance of the new hearing on 13 February 2006 to gain
publicity for cause of the Five in the UK and internationally.

Many British MPs were moved to add their names to the letter after a
meeting at the House of Commons with, Olga Salanueva, wife of Rene González
in December 2005, which took place during a visit to the UK by her and her
duaghter Ivette, organised by the British Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

The delegation undertook a programme throughout the UK organised by CSC,
most importantly with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Cuba, Mrs
Salanueva explained to MPs how she and her 7 year old daughter Ivette had
been unable to visit Rene for 5 years because the US refuses to grant her a

Chair of the APPG Dr Ian Gibson said "The fact that these men were
arrested and charged with spying because they infiltrated US based groups
carrying out terrorist attacks on Cuba, exposes the double standards of the
United States War on Terror."

The open letter which also condemns the treatment of the prisoners
families has been signed by over 10,000 people in Britain.

Just one week ago, Amnesty International also joined the international call
for a retrial of the prisoners. In a letter to the US State Department the
international human rights group raised "urgent concerns" and "serious
questions" about the fairness of their convictions.

On hearing how many MPs and supporters had signed the letter, Olga
Salanueva, thanked the British Cuba Solidarity Campaign and public for
their support. Speaking from Cuba she said: "During these seven years of
suffering and sorrow, we the relatives of the Five, feel that we are not
alone because we can count on honest people like you. The fact that Harold
Pinter has also signed this letter along with more than 100 MPs really
shows our families that the solidarity I felt when I was in the UK in
December 2005 is a real force. I am sure that support such as this from
friends across the world will help to bring our loved ones home."

Rob Miller, Director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign said: "The Cuba
Solidarity Campaign first wrote to MPs in late December about the case. The
fact that more than 100 have already signed the open letter in such a short
space of time is a testament to the strength of injustice felt throughout
Britain about this case."

Open letter:

Mr. Alberto Gonzales
Attorney General of the United States of America

According to information supplied by International Press, on August 9,
2005, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta declared null and
void the decision passed in Miami which had condemned Gerardo Hernández
Nordelo, René González Sehwerert, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero
Rodríguez and Fernando González Llort for infiltrating the extremist Cuban
American groups in the south of Florida in order to obtain information
about terrorist activities directed against Cuba. Their prison sentences
had already been declared illegal by the Working Group on Arbitrary
Detentions of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations.

For the past seven years, these five young men have been held in maximum
security prisons; they have been held incommunicado in isolated cells for
long periods of time and two of them have been denied the right to receive
family visits.

At this present time, considering the nullification of the sentence,
nothing justifies their incarceration. This arbitrary situation, which is
extremely painful for them and their families, cannot be allowed to
continue. We, who have signed below, are demanding their immediate

British signatories to the open letter on the Miami Five to the US Attorney

110 Members of Parliament

Labour (96)

Diane Abbott, David Anderson, John Austin, Gordon Banks, John Battle, Joe
Benton, Roger Berry, David Borrow, Lyn Brown, Richard Burden, Colin Burgon,
Ronnie Campbell, Martin Caton, David Chaytor, Michael Clapham, Katy Clark,
Harry Cohen, Michael Connarty, Frank Cook, Jeremy Corbyn, Jim Cousins, Jon
Cruddas, Ann Cryer, John Cummings,Ian Davidson, Janet Dean, Jim Devine,
Andrew Dismore, Jim Dobbin, Brian Donohoe, David Drew, Clive Efford, Jeff
Ennis, Bill Etherington, Mark Fisher, Paul Flynn, Hywel Francis, Neil
Gerrard, Ian Gibson, Roger Godsiff, Nia Griffith, Fabian Hamilton, Stephen
Hepburn, David Heyes, Kelvin Hopkins, Brian Iddon, Brian Jenkins, Martin
Jones, Lynne Jones, Piara Khabra, Peter Kilfoyle, Dr Ashok Kumar, David
Lepper,Tony Lloyd, Andy Love, Rob Marris, Gordon Marsden,Robert
Marshall-Andrews, Chris McCafferty, Kerry McCarthy, John McDonnell, Michael
Meacher, Austin Mitchell, Madeleine Moon, Julie Morgan,George Mudie, Chris
Mullin, Doug Naysmith, Edward O'Hara, Albert Owen, Nick Palmer, Greg Pope,
Stephen Pound, Andy Reed, Linda Riordan, Chris Ruane, Joan Ruddock, Martin
Salter, Jim Sheriden, Clare Short, Alan Simpson, Marsha Singh, Dennis
Skinner, Angela E Smith, Geraldine Smith, Sir Peter Soulsby, Graham
Stringer, David Taylor, Emily Thornberry, Jon Trickett, Desmond Turner,
Rudi Vis, Robert Wareing, Betty Williams, Mike Wood, Derek Wyatt.

Liberal Democrat (10)

Tom Brake,Vince Cable,Edward Davey,Don Foster,Mike Hancock, Dr Evan
Harris,John Hemming, Paul Holmes, David Howarth, John Leech.

Conservative (1)

Peter Bottomley.

Plaid Cymru (2)

Elfyn Llwyd,
Hywel Williams.

Respect (1)

George Galloway.

Trade Union General Secretaries

Brendan Barber, General Secretary, TUC.
Bob Crow, RMT, General Secretary.
Jeremy Dear, NUJ, General Secretary.
John Hannett, USDAW, General Secretary.
Billy Hayes, CWU, General Secretary.
Steve Kemp, NUM, General Secretary.
Paul Kenny, GMB, Acting General Secretary.
Paul Mackney, NATFHE, General Secretary.
Joe Marino, BFAWU, General Secretary.
Doug Nicholls, CYWU, General Secretary.
Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary.
Alan Ritchie, UCATT General Secretary.
Derek Simpson, AMICUS General Secretary.
Tony Woodley, TGWU General Secretary.
Matt Wrack, FBU General Secretary.


Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Prize Winner
Benjamin Zephaniah
Terry Eagleton
Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London
Tony Benn
Baroness Prosser
Lord Beaumont
Baroness Gibson

A list of key signatories to the Open letter can be found at
www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk or by emailing campaigns at cuba-solidarity.org.uk

For the full text of the Amnesty International letter released on 24th
January. Go to http://www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk/news.asp?ItemID=667

Further information about Cuba Solidarity Campaign can be found at

Natasha Hickman
Campaigns Manager
campaigns at cuba-solidarity.org.uk
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Tel.  0207 263 6452
Fax. 0207 561 0191
c/o Red Rose Club,
129 Seven Sisters Rd,
London N7 7QG

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
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