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Sun Dec 24 11:52:13 EST 2006

Ninth Circuit Reverses Contempt Order for Winstead

Nadia Winstead was notified today, Friday, December 22, that the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed U.S. District Court Judge Susan
Illston's contempt order.  In mid November, Winstead's attorney, Mark
Goldrosen filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court after Judge Illston
found Winstead in contempt for refusing to testify before a federal grand
jury.  The reason for the reversal is currently unknown, and Winstead is
awaiting further details.

This is a huge victory for Winstead, but the battle is not over, as the
case will likely go back before Judge Illston with the Ninth Circuit's
decision in mind.

More information about the Ninth Circuit Court's decision will be released
as it becomes available.

Please stay tuned, as future demonstrations and court dates may be
announced on short notice.

In late May '05 Winstead and at least 10 other Bay Area activists were
subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury claiming to be investigating the
2004 disappearance of Daniel Andreas Sandiego.

In August '05 Winstead and several other of those subpoenaed to testify
filed a motion to quash the subpoenas, arguing that the subpoenas were
unconstitutional.  The motion was denied by Judge Illston.  Several weeks
later Winstead and others filed a motion for disclosure of illegal
electronic surveillance.  The motion was deemed premature and too broad
and thus denied as well by Illston.

Winstead originally appeared before the grand jury in January '06 and
again in August '06, each time asserting her Fifth Amendment right to
remain silent.

In September 2006, Winstead's attorney, Mark Goldrosen, filed a second
electronic surveillance motion in an attempt force the U.S. government to
disclose any illegal electronic surveillance that may have influenced
their decision to subpoena Winstead to the grand jury.  The government
argued that they did not have to reveal their reasons for subpoenaing
Winstead, garnered illegally or not, and Judge Illston again denied the

Three weeks later, Winstead was found in contempt by Judge Illston for
asserting her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, and ordered to jail.
  Winstead's attorney then appealed the decision with the Ninth Circuit
Court of appeals.  The Ninth Circuit granted Winstead bail pending their

This grand jury is one of many, targeting activists, convened around the
country.  It has been identified as one part of the U.S. government's
stepped-up efforts to silence dissent among eco and animal liberationists,
now widely referred to as "The Green Scare".

For more information on grand juries and the "Green Scare", visit

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