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The new Friends of MOVE Newsletter is attached.  The topic of this issue
is political prisoners and parole.  It includes updates on various parole
situations of political prisoners and focuses on the MOVE 9's current
situation.  To give you an idea of the focus of the issue here is the
editor's note:

       On the MOVE!  This newsletter is an organizing tool.  We ask that it
is copied and distributed widely.  The fight for political prisoners
is key to all liberation struggles.  Not only do we need our
incarcerated brothers and sisters on the streets beside us, but we
have spent too much time and too many resources supporting prison
commissary, visiting costs, and raising children who need their
imprisoned parents.  Fighting for political prisoners exposes
exploitation of our community by the prison industrial complex while
illuminating the issues that were deemed so threatening that this
system felt compelled to incarcerate these freedom fighters.  As we
fight for political prisoners we continue teaching the lessons PPs
felt most passionate about.  Fighting for the MOVE 9 mandates
explaining MOVE Law, the belief in the absolute priority of LIFE.
Battling for Mumia Abu Jamal demands telling his story of accurately
reporting on MOVE, police brutality, and all injustices.

This issue is laid out to first introduce the reader to the current
attacks on the MOVE 9, ranging from Philadelphia's honoring of the
murderous cops involved in the attack of 1978, to Bykofsky's media
campaign against them.  Then, members of the MOVE 9 explain their case in
further detail.  We've also included statements from other political
prisoners currently battling the parole boards to continue solidarity with
these brothers and sisters.  (Thanks to the Jericho Movement for
organizing these statements.)  These issues, as explained in this
newsletter, are not isolated to MOVE.  Parole is yet another tool used by
this system to further exploit and oppress the people.  Right now we have
an opportunity to create a strategic, nation-wide movement mandating
parole and/or clemency for all our political prisoners.

As Janet Africa, and many other authors explain, parole and other prison
policies are not limited in their impact soleley to inmates.  They
obviously affect those close to them, but moreover, are testing tools that
later are applied to all people.  Parole is a barometer to see how much
people will tolerate from this system.  We have an opportunity to clearly
mandate that we will not accept any of this oppression and demand our
people come home!
We ask all political prisoner's families, support committees, and
concerned people to please, for your conscience and safety, join with us.
We need to build a strategic campaign around this issue.  All those
interested in participating please contact us.  We can hold nation-wide
conference calls as we build our platform.  Perhaps, now is the time to
pay the national parole board a visit, or pressure the ACLU, or other
bodies into civil suits.  Whatever our strategy, we need action!

This issue concludes both with explanations from Consuella and Carlos
Africa on the parole board's history of abuse towards MOVE, and statements
from Friends of MOVE chapters nation-wide for their call to action on
behalf of the MOVE 9.  Political prisoners have done so much for all of
us.  They have sacrificed their daily freedoms for true liberty.  They
continue their battle from behind bars.  What will we do for them?

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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