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Nadia's Grand Jury Update

On November 17, Nadia Winstead was found in contempt for invoking her
constitutional rights and refusing to testify before a grand jury
investigating Bay Area activists.  U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston
stayed enforcement of the contempt order for two weeks to allow Winstead
to file an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court.

On Thursday, November 30th, Nadia was informed that she had been granted
bail by the Ninth Circuit Court pending her appeal and would not have to
turn herself in the next day.  Nadia is now waiting to hear from the Ninth
Circuit Court regarding her appeal.

Nadia may need your support on very short notice, so please stay tuned for
more information!

Visit www.FBIwitchhunt.com for background on this grand jury and more
information on grand juries.

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