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Political Prisoner Lefty Gilday is recovering from surgery from an 
arterial blockage. Cards and well wishes can be sent to:

William "Lefty" Gilday
# W33537
PO Box 1218
MCI Shirley
Shirley, MA 01464-1218


William "Lefty" Gilday, is a former minor league baseball player from 
Amesbury, Massachusetts who, in the late 1960s, had finished a state 
prison sentence, enrolled at Northeastern University in Boston, and 
joined the student anti-war movement.

In May 1970, National Guard troops killed four students at Kent State 
in Ohio and two students at Jackson State in Mississippi. Student 
activists organized strikes on campuses nationwide coordinated by the 
National Strike Information Center at Brandeis University in Waltham, 
Mass. When the center needed money, student activists formed a 
clandestine group, the Revolutionary Action Force, and robbed banks 
in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California to fund the center and 
other anti-war efforts in support of the Vietnamese struggle against 
U.S. imperialism.

In 1972, Lefty was convicted of the armed robbery of a bank in 
Brighton, Mass. in which a police officer was killed (See Comm. v. 
Gilday, 367 Mass. 474, 1975). He was first sentenced to death, but 
after an appeal, his death sentence was changed to two consecutive 
life sentences.

Two of Lefty's co-defendants, Susan Saxe and Katherine Ann Power, 
famously eluded an FBI witchhunt for many years (including grand jury 
investigations of the women's movement and lesbian activists in 
Lexington, Kentucky and other cities).

Another co-defendant, Stanley Bond, died in prison.  Recently Lefty 
has been having health problems, and has been sent to outside 
hospitals. Lefty is now back at Shirley after surgery from an 
arterial blockage.

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