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Please Forward:

We will be gathering at 8:45am tomorrow at the Federal
Building (450 Golden Gate) to show our support for Grand
Jury resister Nadia Winstead. Details of the case below:

On Thursday, August 17, at 9:00 a.m., animal advocate
Nadia Winstead is scheduled to appear before a federal
grand jury at the Federal Courthouse (450 Golden Gate
Ave.). Winstead had appeared before the grand jury earlier
this year, whereupon she asserted her right to remain
silent. Although she was released from that subpoena
before the term of the grand jury expired in March, she
was re-subpoenaed in July to a newly-formed grand jury.
As she did previously, Winstead is expected to exercise
her Constitutionally-protected right to remain silent, an
action for which she could face an indefinite period of

This federal grand jury is the second to be convened in
San Francisco, ostensibly to investigate the "possible
concealment" of Daniel Andreas San Diego. He is a suspect
in a series of actions from 2003 that were aimed at local
pharmaceutical companies with ties to Huntingdon Life
Sciences, an animal-testing lab that is the target of an
international animal rights campaign.

While Andreas San Diego may be the nominal target of the
grand jury, activists see this as merely another excuse
for the government to harass and intimidate their
movements as part of the current "Green Scare." In the
past year, grand juries have been convened in Eugene,
Denver and San Diego in order to investigate environmental
and animal liberation activists under the guise of
quashing "terrorism." Most social activists, however, see
the investigations as part of a greater move by the
federal government to silence dissent.

As Winstead has said, "These actions represent an attack
by the federal government aimed at straining our
resources, breaking our resolve, and are indicative of a
renewed wave of repression directed against all social
change movements."

Winstead is neither a target of the grand jury's
investigation, nor has she been charged with any crimes,
but she has stated her resolve to continue to resist the
grand jury system she sees as inherently unjust: "I refuse
to cooperate with this or any other grand jury, regardless
of the consequences."

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and
the American Bar Association have both recognized the need
for dramatic reform of the grand jury system in the United
States. Although grand juries were initially designed to
protect citizens, they have ironically since devolved into
instruments used to persecute activists and pursue
political agendas.

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