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Support Robert Seth Hayes
parole denial appeal

July 28, 2006


I am writing to thank you for your support, love and concern in my bid for
release at my fifth parole board appearance. Sadly, release wasn't
granted. Instead I've received once again, an additional two-year hit for
the fifth time, "due to the seriousness of the crime, release at this time
would undermine respect for the law."

This is a standard, pat answer based upon political views (the governor
continually insists that violent felony offenders should not receive
parole) rather then the application of the law. We are going to appeal.

Naturally that brings up the need for your continued support. You have
been strong for me over this difficult period and I ask you for that
support and commitment awhile longer. I have already submitted my appeal
papers. I now await the transcripts from the parole board hearing. It is
from those transcripts and our strategy that I hope to secure release via
the courts.

As things develop, I will update everyone through mail and the web page
www.sethhayes.org. It is hoped that the court will agree that there is
unreasonableness by the parole commissioner's decision and opt for another
hearing that follows the guidelines of parole law rather than the implicit
political stance of the governor. Again thank you for your continued show
of love and support. I look forward to seeing your efforts in the vanguard
of the future. We are correct, and we will win.

In struggle,
Robert Seth Hayes


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