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Greeting my relatives,

And again I must say "my relatives" because we are all related in one way or
another by natural design of the Creator or our common concerns for the
Earth and freedom.  I want to again thank all of you supporters for your
continued efforts to right the wrongs that have befallen both my people and

  I was looking through some of my stuff the other day and I came across a
card that I had not finished writing in and had misplaced.  It was a card to
a friend in which I had written "always remember the Creator is with you
even though you may not have noticed".  And I would like to impart that to
you my relatives.  I truly believe the Creator loves us and continues to
provide for us but, we must also take responsibility upon ourselves to be
part of that providing for ourselves, our children, our children's children,
and all future generations.

One of the things I would like to address, that I've read a lot about
recently, is the high incidence of drugs on the reservation these days.
Alcohol itself is a drug even though it is legal.  But some of the new drugs
combined with the alcohol, which is already bad, are becoming a major threat
to the future of our people.  I want to speak to the young men out there, or
any of the men, reminding them that in order to be a warrior, or to have the
connotation of a warrior, is not just about being a male, but being willing
to take action against whatever enemy threatens our people.  That action may
be ceremonial, it may be fasting on some level, praying on some level, it
may be a physical endeavor on some level.  But it is our responsibility on
every level.

In the 70's, when I was free of this prison, there were in reality, only
about 20-30 dedicated warriors throughout the United States who were full
time and committed.  Our principle statement to our people was sovereignty,
unity, and brotherhood.  Those were the seeds of concern that were sown.
And today you see all across the world, native people standing up in some
way for smoke shops, casinos, programs, and so forth as a result of a few
dedicated people.  So I have no doubt that the progress that was made by
those people in the 70's can be made again by the young people of today.
Our personal reference points in life aren't necessarily the same but our
cultural, historical, and spiritual reference is.

I want to say again, we are of this part of Mother Earth.  We are the First
People.  Let us not let them put us last.

That brings me to a statement that I once heard Buffy Saint Marie make.  She
said, "if you go to a restaurant and what you want isn't on the menu, go to
another restaurant.  And if what you want isn't on that menu, mix up a batch
of your own and prepare to serve".   In quoting her, I would like to say,
that as warriors, if we assess the situation correctly, and with a good
heart, using the values the Great Spirit has given us, chose a path, others
will follow.

Aho Mitakuye oyasin.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier

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