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Jalil Muntaquin (Anthony Bottom) was denied parole for the third time 
on August 1, 2006.  Jalil spent only about fifteen minutes with the 
three board members.  Most of the discussion concerned whether they 
had all necessary paper work.  They did ask about his release plans.

Paraphrased, the decision noted his conviction (murder of two police 
officers) and stated that his exemplary behavior in prison was "noted 
and considered".  They held that release would "be incompatible with 
the safety of the community" and would "tend to deprecate the 
seriousness of the offense".  Jalil returns to the parole board in July, 2008.

On August 29, 2006, Jalil will have served 35 years in prison.  He 
was convicted, along with Herman Bell and the late Albert Nuh 
Washington (who died in prison) of the May 21, 1971 homicide of two 
police officers in New York City later claimed by the Black 
Liberation Army.  He was convicted after two trials and even state 
and federal courts have noted illegalities that occurred in both but 
have refused to vacate his conviction, claiming "harmless 
error".  His trial occurred during the times of COINTELPRO.  While 
none of the murderers of the over 30 members of the Black Panther 
Party killed during COINTELPRO have been arrested or charged, Jalil 
and other former Panthers remain in prison, denied basic justice.

I spoke with Jalil.  He is understandably disappointed but his spirit 
is undeterred and he's ready to continue with the struggle for 
release.   He thanks all supporters, especially attorney Cheryl Kates 
who put together an excellent parole package.

Bob Boyle

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