[Ppnews] Another former Panther get locked up

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Mon Oct 17 20:05:02 EDT 2005

John Bowman, a Black activist and former Black Panther, is scheduled to go 
before California Superior Judge Dondero on Tuesday at about 2:30 pm, Polk 
& McAllister. He is likely to be jailed for refusing to cooperate with a 
State Grand Jury investigating a 30-year old case. Four other activists are 
already in jail for doing the same. This is a public hearing and people are 
encouraged to attend to lend support to him.

There will also be a 10am hearing in Federal Court in front of Judge 
Henderson, 450 Golden Gate Avenue to hear a challenge to Judge Dondero's 
holding Ray Boudreaux in contempt. Boudreaux continues to be held in the SF 
County jail on contempt charges stemming from the same Grand Jury.

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