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Urgent Action Alert - Save Ti Joe and Romualt Dufresne
May 26, 2005

Demand a Stop to the torture of Lavalas community organizers arrested
by UN soldiers and turned over to the Haitian Gestapo for torture,
especially demand a stop to the torture and beating of Ti Joe and
Romualt Dufresne, two well-known Bel Air community organizers being
held by the Bush-backed death regime in Haiti

The Bush Administration has brought a reign of terror to Haiti unseen
even under Bush, Sr.'s first Administration and its first Coup D’etat
against President Aristide. As you read HIP's report below about the
abuses of Haiti's "police" supported by the Bush Administration and the
other Coup D'etat governments of France and Canada through use of UN
soldiers, please remember that the tortures for U.S. political gains in
Haiti are of real people, already suffering too much.

Keep in mind that before the May 18, 2005 demonstrations, UN troops,
swept the populous neighborhoods and "arrested" a whole group of
innocent men and some community organizers out of Bel Air and Site
Solèy. These disappeared people do not have an international profile.
But nonetheless, they are human beings that the UN has turned over to a
US-equipped Haitian dressed-up "policeforce" that assassinates and
summarily executes political opponents for the imported Bush regime in
Haiti. There are two men in particular, whose treatment by MINUSTHA,
represent countless others arrested in UN sweeps into the poor
neighborhoods. HLLN worries about these two men, well known community
organizers in Bel Air: Ti Joe and Romualt Dufresne. Both have been
beaten and grossly tortured by the Haitian dressed-up assassins passing
off as "police" for the US/Euro folks and mindsets helping and
supporting the repression of Haiti. Haitians do not see these dressed
up mercenaries as law and order dispensers whatsoever, despite their
labels. Ti Joe and have been beaten mercilessly and could be dead right
now. http://www.sfbayview.com/051805/freehaiti051805.shtml Our latest
information is that Ti Joe was pronounced dead by the Hospital doctor
because a pulse could not be found after the constant beatings. He is
not dead as of yet though and we write to beg that MINUSTHA finds its
humanity and help save this life and the life of the others it has
placed in danger by turning them over to trained killers not peace

Before these two men die, we want the world to take note that it was
MINUSTHA, the UN soldiers, who turned Ti Joe and Romualt Dufresne over
to the Haitian "police" for said treatment and it is MINUSTHA that will
be responsible for their deaths and sufferings. This is not JUSTICE,
nor peacekeeping, nor even civilized.

The world seems to be paralyzed, doing nothing as the greatest powers
on earth, led by U.S. rep. Ambassador Foley in Haiti, kill off
political opponents whose only crime is the wish to choose and have a
vested interest in who rules them in their own country. The aim is to
consolidate this coup D’etat with an "election" and then release the
political prisoners who are not yet dead after the fraudulent
elections. Remember, in Haiti, there is NO WAY if the
one-person-one-vote applies that the Coup D’etat contingent or any
US/Canada/France backed candidate can EVER win the popular vote.  But
pride, greed, and arrogance rules and these powers refuse to
acknowledge their mistakes in Haiti and intend to keep their
rule-by-force control no matter how many Haitians they must kill.

History will judge the Foley/Bush Coup D'etat butchers and U.S./Euro
embassy employees in Haiti. The blood of Haitians has been dripping off
their hands with no compunction whatsoever. Their white teeth are red
in our blood, even if they turn a deaf, dumb and blind facade while
sipping tropical drinks at the Montana, Ollofson or El Rancho. But
right now it's up to the civilized world to wake up and write to the UN
authorities and demand a stop to the killing and torture of men, such
as Romualt Dufresne and Ti Joe. Our last update is that Ti Joe was so
badly beaten the doctors at the hospital had pronounced him dead. These
sufferings and tortures weigh heavily on us here at HLLN. Yet, as it is
the "beautiful" and "democratic" authorities of the world who preside
over the death reign in Haiti, few are listening to the voices in the
wilderness with only people power. But the families of Romualt Dufresne
and Ti Joe feel each blow; Bel Air, Site Solèy contracts with each
disappearance and UN-presided-over summary execution.  Our pain is
bottomless. Our butchers wear blue helmets and are getting paid by the
unsuspecting world-at-large whose trust in the UN as an institution of
peace and human rights is grossly misplaced. We write this as a prayer
for Ti Joe and Romualt Dufresne, so that they might survive today's
torture and live, not die for Haiti. We pray that the international
community will get a CONSCIENCE and that decent folks the world over
will write the UN and demand a stop to the tortures, beatings and
summary executions in Haiti. (UN contact information is on our website
under Press Work)

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
May 26, 2005

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