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Hi every one,

Well today Friday May 6, 2005 is here and there has been no decision from 
the Federal Parole Board.  I have spoken with Veronza's Case manager and 
Unit Manager over the last several days and they say they know nothing and 
are also waiting to hear from the FPB.

Yesterday, I was all packed and waiting to get the word to come to Coleman 
and escort Veronza out of the front door today.  The word never 
came.  Fortunately Thelma Sherrod lives only 45 minutes from the prison and 
visited Veronza yesterday morning.  She gave him her cell phone number and 
he is to call her if he hears any thing today.  She will then go and escort 
him out of prison and take him to her house.  If that happens, she will 
call me and I will drive the 4 hours up to her place and spend some time 
with Veronza.  I have some goodies for him (a wallet, some cash, phone 
credit card, etc.).  Also Veronica has requested that we try to take some 
pictures and Thelma and I will try to oblige.

Thank goodness for Thelma.  If he gets out, we will then know when he has 
to report to his Parole Officer in Maryland.  Veronza claims he has some 
one to drive him there.  If not Thelma will see that he gets on a train in 
time.  Personally, I do not welcome the idea of his being alone on the 
train for a day and a half.

Voni has been involved in helping to coordinate these activities and will 
arrange to greet Veronza in Maryland when he arrives there.

Now, hopefully some time momentarily/soon the FPC will either issue a 
release date or deny the parole.  Then the decision will have to be whether 
or not to go back into court.  This will require figuring out how to raise 
additional money.

Knew that every one was wondering what is going on – so this is to update you.


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