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We spoke with Herman Ferguson today, May 2, 2005, and he gave us an update
on what is happening with Bashir. He is in the hospital, and his mother
and niece visited him yesterday and are visiting him again today.

Bashir was taken from the prison by ambulance after suffering chest pains
for about an hour. There was a fully armed escort both in front of and
behind the ambulance, and the prison refused to tell his family where he
was being taken at the time.

The hospital believes that Bashir has a blocked artery. His mother and
niece were able to visit him today for 15 minutes, one at a time, and
there are four armed guard outside his door. He is not shackled, however.

Before being taken from the prison, Bashir had signed an authorization
form requesting that his medical records be released to his family. As of
today, this has not happened. We are encouraging people to call the prison
and speak with Warden Jim Walsh (845-434-2080) to demand that Bashir's
medical records be released to his family.

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