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For more info: nik at nocompromise.org until a formal support
network is established.

We've just received word that on March 21st Peter Young was captured and is
currently being held in San Jose, California. For those of you unfamiliar
with his case, Peter has been a "fugitive from justice" since 1998 after
being indicted on charges of violating the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism
Act"--stemming from a series of 1997 mink liberations in Wisconsin.

Peter desperately needs our support at this crucial time. Peter has been
isolated from friends, family, and the movement since his disappearance
years ago. Now is the time to act!

The circumstances surrounding his recent arrest are unknown, but he faces
several serious charges as a captured "fugitive."

Please take 5 minutes RIGHT NOW to sit down and write Peter a letter. He
needs to know that there's a world of activists out here waiting to support
him. Please refrain from going into too much personal detail in
correspondence and refrain from writing anything that the feds might try to
use against him. We have yet to communicate with Peter so there are many
uncertainties at this time; keep this in mind.

Mail/ Correspondence should be addressed as:
BOOKING #05015987, PFN #DVF828
SAN JOSE, CA  95110

Make sure his name, Booking#, and PFN# are on the envelope and all pages of
correspondence. Mail restrictions follow at the end of this alert.

We are waiting to distribute information on jail visits and sending books
and funds for Peter's commissary until his specific desires are made known
to us.

He is currently being housed at:
Santa Clara Main Jail Complex
150 W. Hedding Street
San Jose, CA  95110


On October 28, 1997 Sheboygan County Sheriff's deputies in Wisconsin pulled
over Justin Samuel and Peter Young, after fur farmers suspected they were
watching their mink barns. Authorities found items that led to a six-count
federal indictment against Samuel and Young 1998. The two were charged with
violating the then named Animal Enterprise Protection Act with the alleged
intent to coerce mink farms out of business by inflicting economic loss and
damage. "The indictment reflects the determination of the law enforcement
community and my office to address criminal activity designed to curtail or
shutdown a lawful industry," said US Attorney Peggy Lautenschlager in
Wisconsin's first case of "animal enterprise terrorism."

In October 1997, the A.L.F. took credit for raids on five fur farms in
Wisconsin and surrounding states. Thousands of mink were released, and it is
estimated over one million dollars of damage was caused.

Justin Samuel and Peter Young were pulled over by police in the vicinity of
the farms after suspicious fur farmers contacted authorities. A vehicle
search allegedly yielded animal rights literature, as well as other
"suspicious" items. In September 1998, a federal grand jury indicted the duo
on charges of animal enterprise terrorism and unlawful interference with
interstate commerce. Both Samuel and Young went underground and nothing was
heard from the two until September 4, 1999, when Samuel was arrested in
Belgium and eventually extradited to the U.S. to face criminal charges.

Despite an enormous outpouring of support from the activist community, on
August 30, 2000, Samuel entered into a plea agreement with the U.S.

Attorney's office in which he implicated Peter Young (his co-defendant) and
promised to "make a full, complete, truthful statement regarding his
involvement in violations of federal criminal statutes charged in the
original Indictment, as well as the involvement of all other individuals
known to him regarding the crimes charged in that Indictment. And the
defendant agrees to testify fully and truthfully at any trials or hearings."

Samuel eventually served two years in prison and is now free and living in
San Diego, California. Despite his repeated efforts to reintegrate himself
into the animal rights movement, most activists and organizations have
shunned him as an untrustworthy individual and a snitch.

While bad timing and dumb luck led to the initial indictment of the two,
Samuel's fear and lack of moral fortitude is responsible both for his own
prison time and for the likelihood that Peter Young (if apprehended) may be
found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy imprisonment. Like so many others
under police pressure, Samuel clearly fell for the oldest tricks in the book
of law enforcement: To this day, he claims he did not tell his inquisitors
anything they did not already know. Unfortunately, it is not Justin who will
pay the price for his fears, but Peter Young-- and any other activists
Justin chooses to name to protect himself.

Excerpts from: http://www.nocompromise.org/issues/25hallofshame.html


Mail for DOC Inmates
Books must be mailed directly from the publisher and must be sent via United
States Postal Service (no UPS, FedEx, etc). No hardback books allowed.
Sending books from Amazon.com (via USPS) is easiest.

The following items will NOT be accepted through the mail service:
Plastics, or anything laminated
Anything GANG related (Photos, colors, writing, symbols) Drugs Two-ply cards
will be separated (they are discouraged) Cards larger than 5x7 Blank paper,
cards, envelopes, stamps Magazines, books and newspapers not from the
publisher Staples and paper clips Items having suspicious stains or markings
Letters or envelopes having stickers on them Hard bound books Padded
envelopes Artwork done with wax, water colors or heavy crayons Flowers
Envelopes or items with tape Instant camera photos (i.e. Polaroid)
Photographs larger than 4x6 Food items Packages Photographs with graphic

Inmates may receive newspapers, magazines, periodicals and books through the
US Postal Service if they are mailed directly from the publisher. They will
not be accepted if sent by a bookstore or any other person. You may arrange
with Friends Outside for some materials to be delivered.

Money Orders ($300 maximum) for Peter's commissary can be mailed to:
Santa Clara Main Jail Complex
885 North San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA 95110

Money Orders must be made out to:
"Santa Clara County Dept. of Corrections" and must have "Peter Young,
Booking # 05015987, PFN # DVF828" printed in the lower left of the Money

No personal checks are accepted.

Anthony J. Nocella, II
Ph.D. Student, Social Science

Syracuse University
410 Maxwell
Syracuse, NY 13244


The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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