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The attacks against progressive attorneys continue in this country.
For several years now, a campaign has been underway in Mississippi to
disbar Chokwe Lumumba (lovingly and popularly known as "The People's
Lawyer"). This article trumpets the latest blow delivered in an
attempt to punish and ultimately silence one of the most courageous
voices on the scene today.

If you aren't aware of the work, sacrifices and contributions Chokwe
Lumumba has made on behalf of our people, it's time to learn.

We must support this brother!

Peace and Power,



source: The Sun-Herald



Posted on Thu, Mar. 17, 2005

Mississippi high court suspends Lumumba

Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. - The Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday suspended
Jackson attorney Chokwe Lumumba from practicing law for six months and
until he retakes and passes the ethics portion of the Mississippi Bar
Association exam.

The court also fined Lumumba $1,000.

The Mississippi Bar had sought to punish Lumumba for comments he made
to Circuit Court Judge Marcus D. Gordon in 2001.

During the 2001 incident, Gordon threatened to order Lumumba out of
the courtroom after the attorney attempted to tell the judge how to
get along better with lawyers.

After Lumumba said he was proud to be thrown out, Gordon said that
statement would cost him $300. Lumumba said he would pay for justice,
referring to the fine. Lumumba then said he'd paid other judges to try
to get justice and he'd pay Gordon, too. Gordon said that would cost
Lumumba $500.

A 2003 tribunal recommended a public reprimand for Lumumba but the Bar
sought a harsher punishment, court records show.

"We conclude that it is apparent that Lumumba needs a more severe
punishment than a public reprimand," Chief Justice Jim Smith wrote for
the court. "To do less would be inequitable and in our view not
prohibit or persuade Lumumba from engaging in similar conduct towards
our trial judge in the future."

Lumumba has contended he did nothing wrong.

Justice James E. Graves opposed the punishment.

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