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Hi Attached is the Feb letter from Marilyn Buck.

Black History Month February 2005


It has been some time since I have written. The end of the year, having 
fallen far behind in everything I was doing coupled with the incremental 
insanity of this prison life. There have been a number of "policy" and 
"operational" changes in our collective lives as prisoners here.

In January, the workday hours were changed along with the official count 
time, ostensibly to deal with the traffic problems for those who run this 
place. (However, they had changed their shift hours; and I've recently 
learned that the count time was shifted forward in Hawaii, so perhaps this 
is a policy decision for the Western region.) Concretely that means that 
visiting hours have changed -- shortened. Now, visiting will end an hour 
earlier on Saturday and Sunday. However, at least until March 27 (when the 
hours change again) Friday visitng will being after the count clears, 
around 4:OOPM until 8PM. As of March 27, weekend visiting will begin at 8AM 
- 2PM and Friday visiting will also be in the day -- from 7AM - 1:30 or 2PM 
[I'm not certain of the exact times cause I dont' have the policy available 
right now.]

The other major change for me personally has been that I have been moved to 
a different unit - Unit C (please write C after Camp Parks, not B any 
longer). A/B is to be the "unicor" (Prison Industries) unit la-de-dah.. So, 
I have lost my previous living quarters in a quiet spot with a good bed and 
am now in a noisy spot with a terrible bed and light shining in my face all 
night long -- not conducive to sleep or health. (the only redeeming value 
is two very fine cell-mates.)

As I understand it, there will be a conference out here in April: from 
Attica to Abu Ghraib. I think it is a good thing that such an event is to 
happen. Perhaps there are others happening around the country, but I am 
unaware. I would hope that more consciousness and protest will begin to 
rise around this history of ongoing torture in the U.S; that it is not just 
one of imperialism's exports but it is also a not-so-uncommon practice 
against those who dare militantly challenge (or are suspected of so doing) 
the colonial nature of the state. I think information can be found about 
the conference on the internet. Dont' ask me how you get there; I'm 

Although the devastation of Iraq and occupied Palestine continue 
unremittingly, there is cause of rejoicing in Latin America at this point 
at the democratic rejection of the ancient regimes of the conservative and 
neo-liberal governments in the southern cone (along with Venezuela and 
popular resistance to neo-liberal economics in Bolivia, etc.), I think of 
so many who paid the prices of death, torture, imprisonment and exile and 
who remain to see the changes -- vindications of that which was struggled 
for. It is inspiring to remember that in the wink of an eye, winter turns 
to spring, even when it is still deep winter in Amerikka! Let us continue 
to dream of justice and human liberation wherever we may be!

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