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     Subject: Re: [Ppnews] Boston Herald article on ABC & ABCF

To: Michele McPhee
Re: Group seeks aid for `political' prisoners and FBI: Anarchists
operating in Hub

While I do not often take time to respond to slanderous media coverage
of prisoner support work, I feel compelled to make a brief exception
for these two articles.

As a journalist, I am absolutely disgusted by the quality of reporting
evidenced in these pieces. The fear-mongering and op-ed tone I expect,
but the complete lack of coherence and fact-checking is a new low.

Your false claim that the ABCF has an active chapter in Boston shows
nothing more than a lack of research--something that is easily
verifiable online.

The website www.4strugglemag.org is edited by Jaan Laaman (NOT .com or
Jaan Karl Waaner, =A0as printed). As part of my Masters thesis is media
studies, the project is a legitimate forum for political commentary by
prisoners. It violates no DOC regulations and is widely distributed
both to the public and in prisons.

Prisoners are not, as you imply, held incommunicado; they do not
forfeit the right to expression and I believe that this right should
be protected.

Sara Falconer

Montreal, QC, Canada

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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