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Group seeks aid for `political' prisoners
By Michele McPhee
Monday, February 28, 2005

One of the missions Anarchist Black Cross Federation heralds is the support 
of ``political prisoners,'' urging sympathizers to send money, stamps and 
letters to convicts, including two notorious revolutionaries imprisoned in 
Massachusetts jails.

      William ``Lefty'' Gilday, a one-time minor league baseball player 
from Amesbury who joined the Weather Underground while attending 
Northeastern University, is serving a life sentence at MCI-Shirley for 
killing Boston police officer William Schroeder in a 1970 bank heist.

      Schroeder, a father of nine, interrupted a robbery at a Brighton 
State Street Bank branch by Gilday and other armed revolutionaries, 
including Brandeis University student Katherine Ann Power, to fund an 
uprising against the U.S. government.

      Gilday was convicted of shooting Schroeder in the back. In 1984, 
Gilday was convicted of running a credit-card fraud operation using the 
prison's phones and defrauding American Express of $4,000.

      Another revolutionary ABCF supports, Jaan Karl Waaner, writes a Web 
site magazine, www.4strugglemag.com, from his cell at MCI Cedar Junction in 
Walpole, where he is classified as a security-threat prisoner.

      Waaner, who grew up in Roxbury and was a martial arts trainer with 
the Amandla Peoples security firm, is serving a long sentence for a series 
of bombings, including a 1976 blast at the Suffolk County Courthouse that 
injured 22 people.

      Last week, state Department of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin 
said Waaner's magazine is not approved.

      ``It is not sanctioned by the DOC,'' said Wiffin. ``We monitor this 
material as much as possible.''

FBI: Anarchists operating in Hub

Local Joint Terrorist Task Force investigators are keeping close tabs on a 
group of anarchists hellbent on creating a classless society - using armed 
resistance if necessary, the Herald has learned.
Anarchist Black Cross Federation, an organization that FBI Director Robert 
S. Mueller calls an
"emerging revolutionary group,'' has active members in Boston who have 
distributed fliers against the war in Iraq, including one that reads: 
"Synchronized bombing is a lie. But we can be more precise.'' The flier, 
released by Anarchist Black Cross Boston, goes on to list the address of 
Boston Police Headquarters in Roxbury, FBI headquarters in Government 
Center, the IRS building and a military recruiting center on Summer Street.

There is also a list of corporate sites, including Fidelity, the Gap, 
Niketown, and Raytheon's
Waltham location.

"We are aware of this group, and the flier. The potential victims were 
notified,'' said FBI
spokeswoman Gail Marcienkiewicz.

The group first garnered police attention last summer as Boston police 
prepared for the Democratic National Convention, said police department 
spokesman Sgt. Tom Sexton.

"They showed up on the radar shortly before the DNC. It's not a new group 
to us,'' Sexton said.

"Investigators have been aware of this particular group, and we are working 
collectively with
our partnership on the state and federal level,'' he added.

Anarchist Black Cross has a Web site that lists monthly meetings at a 
Cambridge apartment, and urges support at court appearances for people it 
calls "comrades,'' including Dominic Giannone, 29, a union boilermaker from 
Quincy who was arrested during the DNC for assaulting Boston police 
Superintendent Robert Dunford.

"Boston ABC supports all the protestors who took to the streets during the 
DNC,'' John Riley, an ABC member, wrote in an e-mail responding to a 
request for an interview, adding that the group opposes "unprovoked 

On Feb. 16, Mueller addressed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 
about the "potential for violence'' by ABCF and other domestic militant groups.

"The stated goals of the ABCF are the abolishment of prisons, the system of 
laws, and the
capitalist state,'' Mueller said. ``The ABCF believes in armed resistance 
to achieve a stateless and classless society. ABCF has continued to 
organize, recruit, and train anarchists in the tactical use of firearms.''

The FBI chief also said some US-based militant groups "follow radical 
variants of Islam, and in some cases express solidarity with al-Qaeda and 
other international terrorist groups.''

Riley insisted his group, which has around 25 members, does not sympathize 
with al-Qaeda.

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