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The First Circuit Court of appeals has ordered the district court to
hold an evidentiary hearing on one aspect of Herman's prosecutorial
misconduct claim.  The district court had denied relief without granting
Herman the right to prove his allegations of misconduct in his
multi-faceted claim. The Court of Appeals ordered the court to hear
evidence regarding the promises and inducements to Hezekiah Brown for
his testimony at trial. Hezekiah was an old convict who testified that
he saw Herman and Albert kill the guard.  A few years ago, the state
finally released documents showing that Hezekiah was promised rewards
for his testimony and did in fact receive those rewards.  He was
promised a continuous supply of cigarettes and a pardon.  This is the
type of evidence that can severely impeach a witness and it illegally
withheld from Herman at his trial.  The hearing date has not been set at
this time.

For more information on this case visit, www.angola3.org or contact
marina at napanet.net.

As soon as we know the hearing date we'll be organizing to make sure the
court room is full.

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