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Press Conference and Demonstration-  11 a.m. on the North East Side of
Philly City  Hall Demonstration and leafleting ­5pm on the North East
Side  of Philly City Hall People must understand the severity of what is
currently  happening in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.  This is one of the
last steps in  the groundwork being laid to execute Mumia or keep him in
prison for the rest of  his life.

Both are death sentences  and are totally unacceptable. It is no
coincidence that within this short span  of time, the MOVE 9 appeal was
denied, then the bounty was raised on our sister  Assata's head, and now
Mumia's last appeal to have evidence of innocence allowed  in the Courts
has been denied.  These are all full-on assaults on our freedom fighters
and acts of war  against the freedom of all.  People  should look at
these examples and realize this.  The Patriot Act has  expanded, a
worldwide war is raging, and Lynne Stewart has been convicted. It
should be clear to all that it is time to fight!  If a child is in a
house  that is on fire, a good mother will stop at nothing to protect
her child.  Whether she has to tear down walls or  jump from that
building she will do what ever it takes to protect her child's  life.
We must understand that our brother Mumia is our innocent life to
protect; he is in the same danger as one trapped in a burning
building---as this  prison system is suffocating the lives of millions.

Our survival as a  people is dependent on his survival and  we must stop
at nothing to achieve his  release. For over 23 years the judicial
system has exhibited  blatant racism and political prejudice towards

On December 17th,  2001, when Judge Yohn stated that there was no
evidence of innocence before him,  this was simply because he had thrown
it out the same way as Judge Pamela  Dembe.  Both of these judges had
irrefutable evidence of innocence,  prosecutorial and judicial
misconduct before them, and threw it out.  The  rulings that were made
on this evidence were so ridiculous, racist, and  insulting that most
will not believe what they said unless they read it  themselves.

People must understand the history here, the plot that is  being acted
out, in order to understand the seriousness of it.  In July of  2001 a
hearing was scheduled for August 17th before Judge Pamela Dembe in
which Mumia was supposed to be present.  Word spread across the globe
and  hundreds were organizing to be in Philadelphia for the hearing.
Only days  before the 17th, Judge Dembe barred Mumia from being present
at his own hearing,  but this did not stop the support; it intensified

On August 17th the  streets around the Criminal Justice Center were
packed with those standing up  for Mumia.  The late great Ossie Davis,
Sonia Sanchez, Dick Gregory, Jesse  Jackson, a prestigious delegation of
French officials, students and activists  and hundreds from around the
world were present.  Judge Dembe refused to  make a ruling on that day
stating that she did not want to make a ruling with so  many Mumia
supporters there without having more police (even though there had  been
no problems) but that she would reschedule another hearing.  No other
hearing was scheduled.

On November 21st, 2001, Judge Dembe denied Mumia's  appeal.  It was at
this point, and no sooner, that the International  Concerned Family and
Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal began to target and expose her  for the
unjust Judge that she is.  Judge Dembe was given plenty of opportunities
to do justice but only proved how unjust she is. It has always been our
position to expose that injustice.  We of the International

Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal will never betray Mumia
by  neglecting to expose those who deny him  justice. Judge Dembe threw
out the videotaped confession of Arnold  Beverly, a man who swears that
he, not Mumia, killed Officer Faulkner.  She  threw this out not because
it was not credible but because she claims that it  was not filed in a
timely manner.  She threw out the affidavit of Mumia's former attorney,
Rachel  Wolkenstein, which backed up Beverly's confession and showed
that the  murder of  Faulkner was part of a much bigger conspiracy to
cover up the murders of many  other police officers due to mob related
activities.  The affidavit of  court stenographer Terri-Maurer Carter
who heard Judge Sabo say "Yeah, and I'm  gonna help 'em fry the nigger"
was thrown out.

Dembe stated that even if  Sabo did make such a racist remark in the
middle of the trial that it does not  prove that he acted as a racist or
prejudiced towards Mumia during the  trial.  This argument is an insult
to anyone's intelligence.  Even  conservative Senator Specter stated in
1995 that Sabo's courtroom conduct  towards Mumia was so bad that it
would sabotage  Sabo's credibility.

That December 8th there was a demonstration for Mumia's freedom that
ended with the police attacking and arresting innocent  activists.  A
picture of a Philly cop holding a gun to the head of one  young Mumia
supporter went out internationally and shocked the world.  Nine  days
later Judge Yohn issued his decision.  Yohn stated that there was no
evidence of innocence before him but that there was a problem with
Sabo's  instruction to the jury about sentencing. (There was no evidence
because Yohn  threw it out.  Actually, he had affidavits from Arnold
Beverly, Billy Cook, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Linn Washington, and FBI
confidential source, Donald Hersing, before him which all pointed
strongly towards innocence.)  He  said that he was overturning the
sentencing so that Mumia would have life in  prison with no possibility
of parole.

If either side appealed within 90 days then that matter would have to be
  settled in the third circuit court of appeals.  Mumia appealed because
he  is innocent, and life in prison is still a death sentence.  The
prosecution  appealed because they are bloodthirsty. The media blew up
this decision and misled millions into  believing that Mumia was off
death row and even out of prison.

In reality,  Mumia never, at any point, left his death row cell at
SCI-Greene.  This  trick was used in order to mislead and confuse
people; to try to take the  urgency out of the fight to free Mumia
Abu-Jamal, end the death penalty, and get  all of our political
prisoners out of these hell  holes.

While people were confused by Yohn's ruling Judge Dembe  continued to
hammer nails into Mumia's coffin and her most recent denial of  evidence
of innocence is the last one that she needs to put in.  All the while
this government has  continued to terrorize those who support Mumia.

Look at the examples of  Narberth, PA, politician, Angus Love, being
intimidated into backing away from  his position. The Ossining chapter
of the NAACP, who pushed for the national  NAACP resolution for justice
for Mumia, is now being singled out and  harassed.

At one point Philadelphia Mayor John Street publicly stated that  Mumia
had not received justice and even suggested that the matter be taken to
the NAACP.  This past year, one of his representatives met (due to his
orders) with a French Delegation for Mumia and gave them awards. Street
was  attacked in the media. Maureen Faulkner said that Mayor Street had
apologized to  her and said that Mumia is guilty.  Street refused to
stand up and correct  this statement.  He was intimidated and
poli-tricked into shutting  up.  That is how
serious this is.  But we will never back down.   This is life or death

Dembe just threw out Mumia's last opportunity to  have evidence of
innocence heard in court EVER!  She handed down her  decision on Friday
the 27th of May but kept it a secret.  It was not put  out in the
papers, as it always has been when a decision is made, and no one in
the Movement found out about it until June 2nd.  With this decision the
path towards death is set and the Judges can just keep rubber-stamping
it all  the way until that murderer Ed Rendell
happily stamps his signature on the death  warrant.  Even before Rendell
got  into office he said that he was looking forward to killing Mumia.

All of those who have stood for Mumia in the past, you are needed  now!
The late, great Ossie Davis never turned his back on Mumia and always
stated that our generation's moral obligation is to ensure justice for
Mumia  Abu-Jamal.  Martin Luther King III stated that "all those with
the power to  intervene do so now in the name of justice" ---we need you
now!  Jesse  Jackson, Dick Gregory, Chuck D, Minister Farrakhan, Mos
Def, John Street, Chaka  Fattah, Julian Bond and the NAACP leadership,
Danny Glover, Ed Asner---we need you here!

You who  are sitting down reading this on your computer, hearing this on
the radio---we  need you!  There is only one thing that can stop them
from murdering Mumia  and that is you!  The death warrant is about to be
signed; they are putting  the poison in the needle. Not only are they
trying to kill Mumia, they are  murdering your freedom.  What will you


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