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Health Reports

from Anarchist Black Cross Federation "Update" issue #42

• Richard Williams has become severely ill due to Hepatitis C. Though he 
has attempted to control it via diet, he has still had complications. We 
ask people to send Richard get well cards.

Richard Williams 10377-016, P.O. Box 999, Old Oxford Hwy 75, Butner, NC 

• Russell Maroon Shoats has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. There are 
concerns about the poor medical treatment he can expect from the prison 
medical staff. A petition has been released asking the Pennsylvania Gov. 
and DOC to allow an outside doctor to examine him. We ask people to please 
sign on to the petition, which can be found on: 
We also ask peope to send letters to Shoats to lift his spirits.

Russell Shoats AF-3855, 175 Progress Dr., Waynesburg, Pa 15370

• Bill Dunne was sent to the SHU (Security Housing Unit) for several weeks 
after complaining about an abscess in his tooth. Althoug he has been 
released from the SHU, has yet to receive treatment for his tooth. No 
action has yet to be requested on Bill Dunne’s behalf. Bill can be reached at:

Bill Dunne 10916-086, Box 019001, Atwater, CA 95301

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