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Feds target Earth/Animal Activists across county
author: batten the hatches

The FBI and Homeland Security agents have stepped up their campaign
against anarchists and animal rights and environmental activists. Raids in
Arizona, NYC, arrests in NYC, AZ, grand jury subpeonas in OR.

U.S - The FBI and Homeland Security agents have stepped up their campaign
against anarchists and animal rights and environmental activists. On
Wednesday, in New York City, a 30 year old member of the Friends of
Jeffrey Luers prisoner support group was arrested while at school. His
apartment was also raided and computer and person affects seized. His
arrest may be in connection with a May 2001 Earth Liberation Front arson
at Jefferson Poplar Farms near Portland Oregon. The arraignment will be at
11:00 am Thursday morning on the second floor of the Federal Court
Building, which is located at at 225 Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn.

Portland activists, Frank Winbigler and Shannon (Nonny) Urick were
approached in a cafe by three FBI agents, one agent from Homeland
Security, and an Oregon Sheriff. They were served with papers ordering
them to be witnesses in a federal Grand Jury investigation, and were also
advised that they are both targets of the same investigation. The Grand
Jury is scheduled for March 16th of next year in Eugene, Oregon.

Later in the day more than a dozen FBI agents, along with Joint Terrorism
Task Force and local police officers raided The Catalyst Infoshop in
Prescott, Arizona. Environmental publications were seized and one of the
groups founding members was arrested. The arraignment is scheduled for
10:00 am Thursday morning in Flagstaff where the federal courthouse is.
Police in Arizona consider anarchists to be a terrorist threat. A second
person has been reported arrested in Flagstaff according to

Earlier in the week federal agents were asking around Boston for Daniel
Andreas San Diego, who they allege is responsible for placing an explosive
pipe bomb at Chiron Corp in Emeryville, California on August 28, 2003. The
Chiron Corp, a biotechnology company, was a target of the animal rights
campaign to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company that performs
cruel experiments on animals.

This most recent attack on the earth and animal liberation movements was
obviously well coordinated and planned far in advance. Activists across
the country have been doing what they can to protect themselves by sharing
information about how to avoid dealing with authorities a developing a
better security culture.

At least 2 additional people served with subpoenas.

I (Jennifer Adrian) was also served a subpeona today, December 7, 2005.

I was approached at my workplace by two FBI agents, and was told that many
arrests had been made across the country today for animal rights actions.
I was also told that many other people were talking, and was pressured to
"come clean" for my own good. When I insisted on talking to an attorney, I
was issued a subpeona for a Grand Jury set for the same date as the one
listed for the other people mentioned here.

I was told I would see all kinds of arrests on the news tonight, but I
didn't see anything, so I was looking on the Internet for information and
found your site.

Before dawn, this morning, two FBI agents from the Eugene office and
several state police officers came to Southern Oregon to subpoena Suzanne
Savoie, to appear before a federal grand jury on February 16, 2005 in

Savoie believes she was under surveillance for a couple days prior to the
visit. Agents claimed they were going to visit people all over the country
today, trying to intimidate and scare people into talking. They are
claiming that Savoie took part in three arsons that took place years ago,
the Jefferson Poplar farm on the OR coast, the Superior Lumber Company in
Glendale, OR, and Romania car dealership in Eugene.

They told Savoie that if she didn't start giving them information she
would take the fall for all the men they said were involved. They said
women usually take the fall for men and that she shouldn't let that
happen. They showed Savoie four named photos of men who they said were the
"bombmakers" and that they wanted her to give information about them. The
FBI also used the usual tactics of threatening 60 years in jail to
intimidate Savoie.

Most recently Savoie has been doing local community organizing in the
Applegate Valley, fighting to stop the Bald Lick timber sale and a long
term campaign to preserve Black Mountain on the Siskiyou Crest.

Usually a private person, Savoie nonetheless believes that this is a time
for people who have been targeted to tell their stories.

I personally believe that it is important for all who know those targeted
to offer the utmost support for them at this time.

Jailed Environmental Activist Accused of Additional Crimes
One of the six environmental activists arrested last week in connection to
a series of arsons in the Pacific Northwest has been accused of several
additional crimes. Chelsea Gerlach of Portland, Oregon, awaits trial on
charges she took part in the destruction of an Oregon power transmission
tower in 1999. At a bail hearing Tuesday, prosecutors said Gerlach took
part in half a dozen other crimes, including a firebombing at a Colorado
ski resort and an arson at an Oregon meatpacking plant. Gerlach's attorney
dismissed the charges as baseless, and said the evidence against her
amounts to only two statements from informants.

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