[Ppnews] Russell Maroon Shoatz Under Attack Again!

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We got word from Maroon today that he is being harassed again by guards
at  SCI-Greene, specifically a guard named Lynch. Maroon says that the
other day  they told him he would be given an extra hour of yard time. He was
initially  hesistant as to the motive but took the extra hour anyway. When he
returned to his cell he discovered his toothbrush and remaining ink pens gone.
Previously he told us that they werent giving out pens and they aren't
offered for sale in the commissary.

Also in the past week guards accused him of trying to pass his 
commissary slip to another prisoner, these guards
on the unit wanted to write him up but Capt. Grainey told Maroon's
daughter, Theresa, he wasnt gonna give him the write up. When Maroon talked to
Theresa today, he said the whole incident was a fabrication. As with past
incidents, it appears their trying to provoke him into a
  confrontation.Maroon is
asking outside supporters to call the following people and demand an end to
the harassment and to see that he gets his toothbrush and pens back and to
provide a way for him to get ink pens in the future, either as
previously provided by the prison or offer them in the commissary.

Please call:

Corrections Secretary Beard  717-975-4918

Governor Rendell   717-787-2500

Lt. Franks at Sci-Greene  724-852-2902

Write to Maroon at:
Russell Shoats AF-3855
175 Progress Dr.
Waynesburg, Pa 15370

Solidarity and Struggle!
Tim-Philly ABCF

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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