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Thu Dec 8 08:52:17 EST 2005

JAMIE MORAN - Earth/Animal Liberation Activist Arrested

Following is an announcement about a friend and fellow activist, 
Jamie Moran. Please support our comrade at his bail hearing tomorrow.

Centcom - WAR
Although unconfirmed, the charges may be related to an arson
investigation in Oregon.

Show your support for this incredibly dedicated activist at the bail
hearing tomorrow morning.

Court will be held at 225 Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn, in the
Federal Court Building, 2nd Floor.

Be there at 10:45 SHARP.

Two Portland activists, Frank Winbigler and Shannon (Nonny) Urick, 
were today served with papers ordering them to be a witness for a 
federal Grand Jury, and were also advised that they are both a target 
of the Grand Jury's investigation. Nonny and Frank both have a long 
history of human, animal and environmental activism.

The Grand Jury is scheduled for 3/16/05 in Eugene, Oregon.

In Oregon and elsewhere, there will be organized opposition to the 
Grand Jury. It is essential that we support Frank, Nonny and all 
individuals attacked by FBI fishing expeditions. More information 
will follow in the coming days.

You may send a donation towards Nonny and Frank's expenses relating 
to the Grand Jury through Paypal here: 
Funds may also be sent via:
Tarantula Distribution
818 SW 3rd Ave PMB 1237
Portland, OR 97204

Donations should be well-concealed cash, or checks/money orders with 
"pay to:" left blank or to "Cash." Please enclose a note specifying 
that funds are in support of Frank and Nonny.
For more information, contact: 
<mailto:nograndjury at socialwar.net>nograndjury at socialwar.net

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